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Christmas Wreath Hangers

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Hanging your wreath correctly and easily without damage to your door should be easy. Please visit our exclusive collection of adjustable scrolled iron hangers and protective savers. We have your door covered.

What Is a Wreath Hanger?

A wreath hanger is a versatile, attractive, damage-free solution that makes hanging festive wreaths simple. Each hanger fits neatly over the top of standard doors, with padded contact points to prevent scuffing.

Each hanger can accommodate any size wreath. While each hanger style is different, the hook that the wreath hangs on can be adjusted up or down to be anywhere from 5 to 19 inches from the top of the door, with a maximum weight of up to 20 lbs. This versatility allows you to swap out wreaths throughout the year without replacing your wreath hanger. Simply install the wreath holder on your front door, and you’ll have a weatherproof wreath hook for all seasons.

Each wreath hanger is adjustable, allowing you to achieve the perfect placement with a single piece of hardware. This sets our wreath hangers apart from similar door decoration solutions. Don’t settle for suboptimal placement when you can easily hang your decor in the perfect position.

How a Wreath Door Hanger Can Simplify the Decorating Process

Most wreath hangers keep your wreaths in place, but not without a cost. Those decorating solutions often lead to damage.

They lack padding at each point of contact, so your door and paint become scratched and scuffed throughout the season. Likewise, typical over-the-door wreath hooks jostle and bang when you open or close the door. Not only is this noisy and distracting, but it can damage both the door and your gorgeous wreath.

Worst of all, over time, other outdoor wreath hangers become rusty. A rusty hook is less durable and compromises the integrity of your decor solution. Furthermore, it draws attention away from the beautiful festive wreath.

Our Christmas wreath hangers solve all of these problems. They are:

  • Fully padded at all points of contact
  • Covered in a rust-preventative coating for outdoor use
  • Adjustable for optimal aesthetic placement
  • Universal and simple to install, without shifting or banging
  • Attractive for added aesthetic benefit, ideal for front doors
  • Appropriate for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to move from location to location as decor needs change
  • Compact and easy to store in between holidays

Embrace Ease and Elegance in Any Season

At Christmas World, we like to think of our adjustable wreath holders as Christmas wreath holders. We’ll let you in on a secret, however. Our elegant door wreath hangers are appropriate for seasonal decor any time of year.

The rust-preventative coating on each wreath hanger ensures it can withstand the elements all year round. Hang your Easter Wreath with confidence, even under the threat of April Showers. Show off a stunning Autumn wreath featuring colorful foliage, even on blustery days. Each durable iron hanger will hold up to any seasonal sprinkle, keeping wreaths up to 20 lbs in place.

For year-round use, consider the elegant, colonial, or ivy wreath hangers. To add some festive flair, swap them out for our snowman or antler designs when Santa’s on his way.

You can deck out your door for every holiday or event with any of the versatile wreath hangers above.