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Christmas Tree Topper Holder


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  • Interchange parts to fit almost ANY tree topper
  • Post, spiral, clamp, cone, and finial topper bases
  • Spirals around tree trunk to secure to tree
  • Fits tree trunks up to 1.25" in diameter
  • Pivots and adjusts to level tree topper
  • Made from durable aluminum and plastic
  • Live or artificial trees
  • Patent Pending


Customer Service

Christmas Tree Topper Holder

Finally Secure Your Tree Topper Once And For All

Christmas tree toppers are often heirloom keepsakes with precious memories and history attached. As your tree topper gets older, it may become more delicate. Are you concerned that a tumble from the tree might spoil your Christmas magic?

Our universal tree topper holder will provide peace of mind without adding bulk to your gorgeous tree. This tree topper support system will keep your star, finial, angel, or other unique topper from taking a fall!

Our interchangeable Christmas tree topper stabilizer works with nearly every type of topper to provide support and structure.

The spiral tree topper base is appropriate for live or artificial trees with a trunk up to 1.25" in diameter. You won’t find this original, patent-pending product anywhere else.

There’s no true tree-trimming party without your topper falling to the ground! But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

Our tree topper holder features a support rod that keeps your toppers secure and prevents them from tumbling down.

We designed the Universal Tree Topper Holder to spiral around the tip of your tree trunk. This helps it support even the heaviest tree toppers. Whether your topper features a spiral, cone, clamp, or post, our topper holder will keep it in place all season long.

  • Spiral Icon

    Spiral Design

    Screws onto your tree

  • Tree Icon

    LIve & Artificial

    Christmas trees

  • 90 degree angle icon 90°

    Perfectly Straight

    Tree toppers

Village Lighting Christmas Tree Topper Holder
twisting on the tree topper holder

Up to 1.25" Christmas Tree Trunk Diameter

Secures to Trunks Up to 1.25 Inches In Diameter

The tree topper holder secures to the tree by spiraling down the tree trunk and around the branches. The patent-pending design of the spiral base is made from durable metal with a protective coating. The built-to-last stabilizer will secure your topper for years to come, whether it’s brand new or a family heirloom.

Stands Straight Every Time

Adjustable Pivot Point to Level Your Tree Topper

If you’re lucky, you’ve never experienced your tree topper plunging toward the presents. Still, we’ll bet you’ve dealt with a hard-to-reach crooked star atop your tree. This happens because your heavy topper doesn’t have good support at the flimsy top of the tree.

Our tree topper holder solves this by offering a pivot point just above it’s sturdy spiral base. The pivoting point allows you to swivel and adjust your tree topper without fuss. Your gorgeous topper will stand straight every time!

adjustable top on tree topper holder for leveling christmas tree topper

How to Put On A Tree Topper With Spiral Base

Secure Your Spring / Cone Base Star Tree Topper

The "arrow-tip" attachment is ideal for star tree toppers with a spring base. The attachment adjusts to fit cones of any angle and size. Simply slide your cone, spiral, or spring base tree topper onto the holder’s conical attachment to ensure that it remains straight and level.

Star Tree Topper with small spiral cone base
Star Tree Topper with large spiral cone base

Clip Base Tree Toppers

How to Keep The Clamp Base Star On The Christmas Tree

Collapsing the "Arrow-head" attachment into a "post" fits perfectly with clip base tree toppers. The attachment serves as a sturdy post for the clip-on tree topper to clamp onto.

Brown Tan Gold Star Tree Topper with clip Base

Tree Toppers with a Post Base

The Attachment for Post/Pole Base Tree Toppers

Tree toppers with a post or pole base are often difficult to secure to your tree. Our Universal tree topper stabilizer can secure these bases with its included attachment designed specifically to hold these posts. Place the pole base of the tree topper into the flat end of the support rod. Your tree topper angel will be singing at the top of your tree in no time!

Angel Tree Topper with Post base
Star Tree Topper with Post base
Finial Tree Topper

Finial Tree Topper Holder

How to Make Your Finial Tree Topper Stand Straight

Perfectly placing your tree topper is a difficult enough task. Extra delicate finial tree toppers are nearly impossible to stabilize without a little help.

The "extension rod" attachment is the perfect fit for a finial tree topper. The extension rod expands to reach the whole length of your finial topper. Once set into place, your finial treetopper is home for the holidays!

Figurine And Angel Tree Topper

Attachments That Suit Your Insert or Conical Base Tree Toppers

Most Angel, Figurine, and Santa tree toppers are a conical or a cone base. Conical toppers are hollow inside to allow the top of the tree to slide in. These cone-shaped toppers are often challenging to keep straight. Similar to a tree topper clip base, we recommend collapsing the “arrow-head” attachment into a “post.” This will fit this style of base. Most importantly, it will ensure that your Santa tree topper remains stable for the whole season.

Angel Tree Topper
Angel Figurine Tree Topper

Product Specs

  • Invisible Green or White

    Colors to match the color of a Christmas tree and stay discrete.

  • Fits Trunks 1.25" in Diameter

    Christmas tree trunk maximum diameter cannot exceed 1.25".

  • Product Measurements

    Base: 10.25" x 1.5"
    Post: 3.5" x 0.75"
    Extension Rod: 5" x 0.27"
    Arrow Tip: 3" x 1.25"

  • Heavy-Duty

    Built from a durable and lightweight plastic and aluminum.

  • 90-Degree Toppers

    Pivots and adjusts for a perfectly straight tree topper every time.

  • Patent-Pending

    This products design or utility is currently patent-pending.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    All products are backed by a 1 year warranty