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Double Door Garland Hanger


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  • No nails, screws, or damage to your door frame
  • Fits door openings 52" - 82" wide
  • Holds garlands up to 20 lbs.
  • Made from durable iron
  • Rust preventitive powder coating
  • Rubber end pads protect your door frame


Customer Service

Decorative Double Door Garland Hanger

Hang Garland Hassle-Free

Create major entryway envy with lush holiday greenery and garland draped over your door. You don’t have to use nails, screws, or adhesive to properly install a double door garland hanger large enough to hold your festive greens. The Double Door Garland Hanger features pressure point technology that allows you to quickly and easily install the garland hanger, no holes required. Padded rubber contact points to protect your door jamb from dents and dings.

The Double Door Garland Hanger is made from durable cast iron, and covered in a rust=preventative powder coating to ensure that it lasts against winter weather for years of usage. It is able to hold garlands up to 20 Ibs. and adjusts to fit doors between 35 in. and 52 in. wide.

Village Lighting Double Door Garland Hanger
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Durable Design

Cast Iron Quality

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Fully Adjustable

Fits Doors 52" - 82" Wide

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Doorway Ready

Garland Door Hanger

Pressure Fit = Zero Damage

Adjusts to fit Doors Between 52” - 82” Wide

Our garland hanger spans across two doors between widths of 52 and 82 inches, and uses pressure fit technology to safely perch up to 20 pounds of garland between your door jambs without using nails, screws, or adhesive. The Double Door Garland Hanger can be easily and quickly assembled so you can display your decorated entryway in no time.

Village Lighting Double Door Garland Hanger Holding Garland Above Doorway
Village Lighting Double Door Garland Hanger Rubber Pad Contact Point On Door Jam

Installation Must-Knows

Must Have 2.25” of Exposed Door Frame, And No Screen Door

Each end of the wreath hangers feature padded protection to keep your door safe from scratches and dings. These padded ends require that you have at least 2.25” of exposed door frame for the garland hanger to rest properly.

NOTE: This product does not work with screen doors

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: (L x W x H)

    52-82" L × 5" W × 8" H

  • ≤ 20 lbs

    Effortlessly holds seasonal greenery up to 20 lbs.

  • Door Width

    Adjustable to fit door sizes from 52" to 82" in width.

  • Heavy-Duty

    Garland hangers are built from a durable, decorative cast iron.

  • Powder Coating

    Treated with a rust resistant coating to protect the metal from the elements.

  • Padded to Protect

    Rubber pads protect your door from dings and dents when in use.

  • Patented Design

    Patent 8,777,023

    Patent 9,480,206

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Our garland hangers are for the serious decorator and work for indoor and outdoor use.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    All products are backed by a 1 year warranty

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