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Garland Hangers

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What Is a Garland Hanger?

Nothing adds festive cheer to a doorway or mantle like a holiday garland loaded up with ornaments! Garland hooks and hangers are tools that help simplify the process of showing off your gorgeous garland. There are three basic types: door garland hangers, banister ties for railings, and mantle garland holders. 

Door Garland Hangers

A door garland hanger sits in your door frame, at the top of the door jamb, which attaches without the need for nails or screws. This prevents damage to your home without compromising your ability to display your stunning Christmas garland. 

The average above-door garland hook can hold decor weighing up to 20 pounds and fits in most standard home doorways. Each piece holds up beautifully, even under the added weight of snowfall during those White Christmases! 

Mantle Garland Holders

Mantle garland holders are rubber-padded hooks that expand and contract to fit perfectly on your home’s mantle. You won’t need to use weights, nails, or unreliable sticky hooks to keep your most charming garland in place. They’re also perfect for hanging heavy stockings, helping you create a gorgeous traditional Christmas scene in front of the fireplace! 

Simplify Your Christmas Prep With a Garland Holder

Christmastime is for making memories, not for fussing with power tools or splurging on home repairs. Our garland holders make hanging and displaying your most festive strands of holly jolly garland simple. They make it possible to decorate without causing stress or damage to your home.

Versatility For Every Home

 Each hook and hanger is adjustable. Fitting a range of doorways and mantles, allowing you to switch up your decor from year to year. You can even continue using the same hangers after a move, ensuring your traditions remain intact! 

Perfect For Year-Round Home Decor

Do you love to keep things festive year-round? Our garland hangers can easily withstand the elements, helping you welcome visitors in every season! 

Imagine welcoming Thanksgiving guests with a garland of fall leaves in the Autumn. Why not show off a burst of bright spring flowers at Easter? A garland hanger (and garland storage container) will keep your doorway looking dapper year-round!

More Time For Christmas Festivities

Decorating for the holidays should be simple, fun, and stress-free. With these hangers, you’ll spend less time decorating and more time enjoying your gorgeous garlands. They’ll keep your decorations in place, so you’ll spend less time fixing and adjusting them throughout the Christmas season. Hang them once and get back to shopping, wrapping, caroling, and spending time with family. 

Take the Stress Out of Christmastime

Stress does not have to be part of your Christmas tradition! Instead, choose the holiday decor solution that will simplify the process for years to come. Browse the garland hangers above and discover how easy decorating can be.