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Garland & Wreath Storage

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Christmas Wreath and Garland Storage

Your Christmas wreath is more than just another piece of decor. Often, they are lovingly handmade symbols of holiday tradition. Whether or not your beloved wreath is an heirloom, you want to keep it in good condition. Quality garland and wreath storage the only way to ensure it’ll look its best for many Christmases to come. 

What Is A Wreath Storage Box? 

Wreathes can be large and cumbersome, with wire frames that easily bend, rust, or distort. The wrong storage solution can result in damage or wear and tear. Likewise, greenery-covered wreaths make wonderful homes for all types of critters during the off-season. The last thing you want for Christmas is a moth-eaten wreath—or worse, an infestation! 

Believe it or not, wreath damage typically occurs during storage, not display!

That’s why wreath storage containers should be a critical component of your holiday decor storage system. They will protect your gorgeous Christmas wreaths from distortion, bowing, pests, and more. 

Plus, with a built-in ID tag, you’ll always know where to find the centerpiece of your annual mantle display

How Do Christmas Wreath Storage Boxes Work?

Rather than sitting at the bottom of a container, our wreath storage boxes use a Direct Suspend™ system. Attachments in the box attach directly to the frame of your wreath. This prevents your boughs and branches from smashing into the bottom of the box or container. As a result, your beloved wreath will maintain its structural integrity until it’s time for display.  

The exterior of your plastic wreath storage container is polyester. This keeps dirt, debris, and pests out. They’re simple to wipe clean, no matter where you store your decor. 

If you need a little extra support to keep your wreath safe and secure, consider a foam-lined wreath storage box. The extra padding will prevent damage, especially if you need to transport your wreath. It’s perfect for handmade or heirloom wreaths, providing a little extra peace of mind. 

Save Yourself Some Stress This Holiday Season

Your wreaths and decor are an important part of maintaining your cherished holiday traditions. Why not make proper storage a new tradition, too? Browse our collection of wreath storage solutions above. Protecting a wreath or garland in storage is the best way to keep your traditions going for generations to come.