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Foam Lined Wreath Storage


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SKU: TK-10107-RS

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  • Options for 24", 30", 36", 48", 60", and 72" wreaths
  • Padded walls ensure maximum protection
  • Direct Suspend™ system attaches directly to your wreath's frame
  • Heavy-Duty wreath handle makes it easy to move into storage
  • Wrap-around zipper for better accessibility
  • ID Tag for easy identification
  • Made of durable, wipe-clean poly / nylon blended fabric


Customer Service

The Ideal Christmas Wreath Storage Bag

Wreath Storage Containers That Truly Protect Your Decorative Wreaths

When stored improperly, holiday wreaths can actually acquire more damage during storage than they do while they’re on display. Many wreath storage bags force wreaths to slump at the base of their storage bag, which can result in distorted branches over time.

With our Direct Suspend™ technology, the wreath’s frame attaches directly to the bag’s hanger, which will prevent your wreath being smashed at the bottom of the storage bag. The wrap around zipper allows you to easily access the storage compartment to place or remove your wreath, keeping all ornaments and decor in place on the wreath each time. Your wreath will look fluffy and festive for many holiday seasons to come.

TreeKeeper Bags WreathKeeper Wreath Storage Bag
Direct Suspend™ Wreath Storage Hanger Icon

Directly Attach

To Your Wreath Frame


Full Access

Wrap-Around Zipper

Padded to Protect Icon


Padded Wall Protection

Personalized Wreath Storage

Much Like Our Wreath Storage, Wreaths Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Whether you have a small window-style wreath or a large commercial-venue wreath, we have a wreath storage container to fit all the most common wreath sizes. With 6 different sizes, you can get a premium wreath storage bag for wreaths between 2 ft. (24 in.) wide, and up to 6 ft. (72 in.) wide.

TreeKeeper Bags WreathKeeper Wreath Storage Bag
TreeKeeper Bags WreathKeeper Wreath Storage Bag
TreeKeeper Bags WreathKeeper Wreath Storage Bag

Direct Suspend™ Technology

Hook Attaches Directly To Your Wreath’s Frame

When wreaths are stored in other storage solutions or plastic containers, the bottom of the wreath is crushed and becomes disfigured over time. Our wreath storage hangers attach directly to the wreath’s frame, guaranteeing that your wreath will maintain its fluff and shape while in storage.

Padded Exterior Walls

Foam-Lined Walls to Protect Your Wreath’s Decor

Many festive wreaths come with breakable decor attached to it, which can easily be broken while in storage. Our wreath storage bags feature foam-lined padding to cushion your wreath and its decorations during storage. Take comfort in knowing that your delicate decor will remain protected in storage.

TreeKeeper Bags WreathKeeper Wreath Storage Bag
TreeKeeper Bags WreathKeeper Wreath Storage Bag

Full-Access, Wrap-Around Zipper

Easily Access Your Wreath By Using The Full Length Zipper

When you attempt to slip your wreath into a traditional storage box, you risk snagging the wreath’s decor on the edge of the bag, and disattaching the decor from the wreath entirely. Our wreath storage bag features a wrap-around zipper that ensures the entire storage compartment is easily accessible to set your wreath in place.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions (L x W x H)

    24" Wreath Bag:
    Dimensions (24" × 24" × 6")

    30" Wreath Bag:
    Dimensions (30" × 30" × 6")

    36" Wreath Bag:
    Dimensions (36" × 36" × 9")

    48" Wreath Bag:
    Dimensions (48" × 48" × 9")

    60" Wreath Bag:
    Dimensions (60" × 60" × 9")

    72" Wreath Bag:
    Dimensions (72" × 72" × 8")

  • Direct Suspend™

    Prevent deformed wreaths by hooking directly to the wreath frame

  • Wrap-Around Zipper

    Offers approximately 270-degree opening access

  • Wipe-Clean Fabric

    Tightly woven Poly-Blend fabric keeps contents dry and dust-free

  • For Indoor Use

    Make your bags last for years - Only use indoors

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    All products are backed by a 1 year warranty