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Universal Rolling Christmas Tree Stand


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Spend less time on logistics and more time on holiday cheer with an innovative tree transportation solution. The Treekeeper Universal Christmas Tree Stand with wheels takes the stress out of your favorite Christmas tradition.

A rolling tree stand makes it simple to transport your tree in and out of storage. You’ll discover peace of mind when you choose a stable, adjustable base for your tree. A rolling stand consistently keeps your décor secure and your floors scuff-free.

Less work means more time for making warm winter memories. Shop now to put the joy back into decorating for the holidays.

  • Supports Christmas trees up to 7.5 ft. tall
  • Fits Tree Trunks with a diameter of 1.25" - 2.125"
  • Wide collar contact points prevent crushing your tree trunk
  • Five clear rolling castered wheels (2 locking casters)
  • Scratch-resistant wheels protect wood flooring


Customer Service

Rolling Christmas Tree Stand

Stabilize Your Tree While Maintaining Mobility

One of the most frustrating parts about putting up your Christmas tree each year is securing, or re-securing it into its base. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can be physically demanding. Why are you still turning a joyful tradition into a frustrating feat of strength?

Plus, the wrong tree stand can scuff or damage your floors, adding additional tasks to your heavy holiday workload.

Leave room for other holiday festivities and opt for a stable base. Your rolling tree stand is guaranteed to make your Christmas tree setup and takedown much more manageable. A rolling Christmas tree stand with wheels can take the hard work and stress out of moving your tree into or out of storage.

The Universal Rolling Christmas Tree Stand easily adjusts its width between 30-inches and 36-inches wide. You’ll always get the most secure fit for your 7.5' by any width tree.

This Christmas you can rest assured that your artificial Christmas tree is stable and easily transportable. Seamlessly roll your tree to the perfect section of the room and start your celebrations sooner.

Rolling Christmas Tree Stand legs
Adjusting Icon

Adjustable Width

Any Width Tree Up To 7.5 ft. Tall

Wheel Icon


Clear Caster Wheels

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Strong And Stable Construction

Rolling Christmas Tree Stand wheels

Rolling Caster Wheels

Scratch-Resistant Wheels Protect Your Floor’s Finish

Decorating for the holidays should improve the appearance of your home, not damage it. The rolling tree stand features scratch-resistant caster wheels ensuring that your floor’s finish isn’t jeopardized. Eliminate all scratches and scuffs when MOVING YOUR TREE INTO STORAGE.

Sized To Safely Secure Your Tree’s Trunk

Protective Collars Prevent Crushing Your 1.25 in. - 2.125 in. Diameter Tree Trunks

The stand's durable steel collar fits tree trunks between 1.25" - 2.125" in diameter and features three wide contact points to add support. The rolling tree stand will prevent crushing screw damage that’s usually caused when securing your trunk in its stand. That means your favorite tree will stand the test of time, bringing joy to your family year after year.

Image demonstrating a tree pole securely fitting into the Rolling Christmas Tree Stand
Image highlighting the secure latch on the Rolling Christmas Tree Stand center component

Works With Flat Or Pointed Tree Trunks

Includes Multiple Insert Options Allowing A Perfect Fitment No Matter What Tree Trunk Style You Have

Every Christmas tree trunk has a unique shape and style. When you invest in a universal Christmas tree stand, you’ll have a transportation solution to fit every tree. If you replace a beloved artificial tree, your new tree will slot in seamlessly. A universal stand is truly a lifetime investment for Christmases to come.

Image demonstrating center component fitting securely into the Rolling Christmas Tree Stand
Image demonstrating center component fitting securely into the Rolling Christmas Tree Stand
Image demonstrating center component fitting securely into the Rolling Christmas Tree Stand

Product Specs

  • Tree Stand Size

    30" Width:
    7.5-foot tall skinny trees

    32" Width:
    7.5-foot tall medium width trees

    34" Width:
    7.5-foot tall medium width trees

    35" Width:
    7.5-foot tall wide trees

  • Tree Trunk Sizes

    Fits tree trunks with a diameter of 1.25" - 2.125"

  • Clear Wheels

    Scratch-resistant material protects floor's finish

  • Casters

    4 free-motion caster wheels

  • For Indoor Use

    Make your bags last for years - Only use indoors

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    All products are backed by a 1-year warranty