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Top Pocket Ornament Storage Box


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  • Hold 72 (4 in.) ornaments [24 per tray]
  • 3 lightweight, removable trays
  • Acid-free fabric in trays prevent ornament discoloration
  • Ornament dividers are removable to make room for larger ornaments
  • Top Pocket section with three adjustable dividers
  • Front pocket for miscellaneous storage
  • Reinforced padded handles ease carrying
  • Inner self-standing frame increases support


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Christmas Ornament Storage Bag With Additional Long-Item Storage

It’s All That and A Bag of Christmas Ornaments

Decorating your Christmas tree is supposed to be a joyful holiday tradition. The last thing you want to find when you break out your ornament collection are discolored heirlooms and deteriorating angels!

Many ornaments are handmade or carry a sentimental meaning. If you’re currently storing your ornaments in tissue paper or cardboard, you may be in for an unfortunate surprise. These materials are not shatter-proof and often contain acidic chemicals that discolor ornaments over time. Your irreplaceable ornaments may fade, crack, or sustain unsightly damage. Luckily, there’s a simple solution.

The right large ornament storage solution can prevent unpleasant surprises, keeping your treasured ornaments safe for years (or generations) to come. Choose peace of mind with the Three Tray Christmas Ornament Storage Box from Christmas World.

The Three Tray Christmas Ornament Storage Box can house up to 72 (4”) ornaments, carefully cushioning 24 delicate ornaments per tray. The trays are made with acid-free materials, preventing tarnishing and discoloration while in storage. For additional ORNAMENT STORAGE, the top of the bag features a separate compartment with 4 padded dividers. These can house taller items within the 5 full-length storage sections.

A closed Top Pocket Ornament Storage Box, featuring a nutcracker
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Ultimate Protection

For Your Christmas Ornaments

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Removable Trays

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Additional Storage

Separate Pockets On Top And In Front

72 (4-inch) Oversized Christmas Ornaments and More...

Ample Storage for Your Holiday Ornaments & Nutcrackers

Does tracking down all of your ornaments and Christmas decorations feel like a stressful treasure hunt? Decorating the tree should be a cherished, laid-back tradition. Choose an all-in-one storage solution. You’ll always know exactly where your most important holiday heirlooms are waiting.

Each of the three removable trays can hold up to 24 ornaments that measure up to 4 inches in diameter.

The Three Tray Christmas Ornament Storage Box also has a large front pocket for extra storage. Keep your stockings, tree skirts, ribbons, and special decor where you can easily find them. The acid-free interior ensures you won’t find faded stockings when it’s time to decorate the mantle.

You’ll find 5 padded, adjustable columns at the top of the bag that are perfect for your nativity figures and nutcrackers. These moveable dividers allow you to customize each compartment to perfectly cradle your most delicate decorations and figures.

If you’re still short on space, you can easily stack these storage boxes one on top of the other. You’ll keep all of your most precious ornaments and decorations safe while maximizing space. A simple and efficient way to keep everything organized.

An open Top Pocket Ornament Storage Box filled with ornaments
Portable tray within an Top Pocket Ornament Storage Box filled with ornaments

Acid Free Fabric-Lined Storage Boxes

Ditch the Damage & Discoloration

Fabrics and paper materials are often manufactured with acidic chemicals. These chemicals can tarnish and discolor your ornaments and COLLECTIBLES. The fabric used in our ornament box dividers are made to be acid-free. Our high-quality materials ensure that your ornaments remain shiny and untarnished year after year.

Portable tray within an Top Pocket Ornament Storage Box filled with ornaments
An open Top Pocket Ornament Storage Box filled with Christmas Nutcrackers

Portable Trays

‘Rock Around the Christmas Tree’ as you decorate

The removable trays allow you to roam about your Christmas tree as you decorate. You’ll love carrying each tray with you as you place each ornament. Enjoy the portability of the trays, and avoid the back-straining effort of bending over to grab every single ornament.

Product Specs

  • 72 Seasonal Tree Ornaments

    Holds up to 72 Ornaments, up to 4" each

  • Dimensions (L x W x H)

    27" × 19" × 17"

  • Top Pocket

    5 padded compartments for your taller decorations

  • Front Pocket

    Large front pocket to store miscellaneous decorations

  • Acid-free Trays

    Our ornament storage containers prevent discoloration

  • Wipe-Clean Fabric

    Tightly woven Poly-Blend fabric keeps contents dry and dust-free

  • For Indoor Use

    Make your bags last for years - Only use indoors

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    All products are backed by a 1 year warranty

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