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Adjustable Wreath Hanger - [Elegant]


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  • Vertical adjusting hook provides exact wreath placement
  • Padded door hook and back pads protects your door from damage
  • Holds wreaths up to 20lbs
  • Made of durable decorative iron with rust preventitive powder coating


Customer Service

Elegant Doorway Wreath Hanger

Elegantly Embellish Your Door and Ditch the Damage

It adds a touch of festive cheer to have a decorative wreath on display for the holidays; but beneath that gorgeous greenery there may be damage caused by the tools used to hang the wreath. Damage caused by nails, screws, and hooks can be permanent, and scuffs from non-padded wreath hangers are noticeable the rest of the year. The Elegant Wreath Hanger offers a damage-free solution to hang your wreath indoors or outdoors for the holiday season, or all year long!

Padding at the contact points prevent scuff marks and scratches that are all too common when using a non-padded wreath hanger. The Elegant wreath hanger holds wreaths up to 20 Ibs, and an adjustable vertical hook allows for customized wreath placement. You’ll be able to decorate your entryway effortlessly with any wreath between 5” and 19", and avoid damage to your door.

Elegant Wreath Hanger Hanging On A Door
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Durable Design

Cast Iron Quality

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Fully Adjustable

5" - 19" from Top Of Door

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Doorway Ready

Wreath Door Hanger

Elegant Wreath Hanger Adjustable Hook

Move Up, Move Down

Control Your Wreath’s Placement With a Slidable Hook

Up your wreath game this year and opt for a hanger with a fully adjustable hook. Most wreath hangers have a set hook height, and you can only place your wreath at the base of the hook. With the Elegant Wreath Hanger, you can choose where you’d like your wreath to sit with a vertical sliding requires minimal assembly.

Once modified to your desired wreath placement, you can secure the hook in the back to ensure your wreath stays put throughout the holiday season.

Hang Loose

Contact Padding Ensures Zero Door Damage

All of our wreath hangers feature padded door hooks and back pads to prevent scuffs and scratches at all the contact points. When your door is opened or closed, the wreath hanger is often lifted and bangs against the doorway, or moves from side to side, causing damage to the wood or finish of the door. Our contact padding will ensure that your doors remain dent and ding free.

Elegant Wreath Hanger Padded Hook

A Wreath Hanger Built to Last

Powder Coating Helps Withstand Winter Conditions

Winter weather like snow and sleet can be detrimental to metal wreath hangers, causing rust to form and the metal to deteriorate. The Elegant Wreath Hanger is made of wrought iron with a strong powder coating, so it can withstand winter conditions for years of use.

With a hanging capacity of 20 Ibs, you can easily attach large, decorative wreaths with absolute assurance that they’ll stay securely hooked. Frost your front door this Christas with your favorite greenery and an elegant wreath hanger to match.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: (L x W x H)

    19.5" × 5" × 4.75"

  • ≤ 20 lbs

    Effortlessly holds seasonal greenery up to 20 lbs.

  • Door Width

    Fits over doors up to 2 inches thick.

  • Heavy-Duty

    Wreath hangers are built from a durable, decorative cast iron.

  • Powder Coating

    Treated with a rust resistant coating to protect the metal from the elements.

  • Padded to Protect

    Rubber pads protect your door from dings and dents when in use.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Our wreath hangers are for the serious decorator and work for indoor and outdoor use.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    All products are backed by a 1 year warranty