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Door Saver™ - Door Protecting Wreath Pads


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SKU: V-11101-RS

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  • 24 in. option fits most 24-26" wreaths
  • 30 in. option fits most 30-33" wreaths
  • Twist ties attach directly to wreath frame for ease of installation
  • Padded to protect your door from scuffing, banging, and discoloration
  • Access slots for hanging on wreath hanger for your convenience
  • Festive Holiday green fabric to match your favorite decor


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Door Protector Wreath Pad

Prevent Damage To Your Door This Christmas With A Door Protecting Wreath Pad

Friend or foe? Wreaths are the cherry on top of a festive holiday entryway, but while resting on the door, they can cause some damage.

Over time, the wreath will rub against the paint or finish on your doorway. You’ll notice your greenery scratching against the wood, glass, or aluminum every time the door opens and closes. You also risk damage every time winter winds come to town.

The Deluxe Door Saver™ wreath door protector pad is designed to prevent your wreath from causing dents, dings, and scratches on your door. Decorative twist ties quickly and easily secure the protective pad directly to your wreath’s frame.

The festive green fabric serves as a wreath backing to protect your door. This awesome product comes embossed with a subtle but festive snowflake pattern. The seasonal design will complement your wreath while staying hidden just behind it.

Door Saver™ - Door Protecting Wreath Pad attached to wreath
Padded to Protect Icon

Padded to Protect

Soft Fabric

Form Fitting Icon

Form-Fitting Ties

Strong Cords for Security

Snowflake / Decorative Design Icon


Beautiful Snowflake Embroidery

No More Door Damage

No More Dents, Dings, or Scratches

Both artificial and authentic living wreaths have the potential to cause wear and tear on your home’s paint and surfaces. The wreath Door Saver™ pad is a decorative way to protect your door from wreath damage.

Door Saver™ - Door Protecting Wreath Pad dispalyed on door
A woman tying wreath to Door Saver™ - Door-protecting wreath pad

Easily Fitted To Your Wreath

Twist-To-Tie Fit

Twist ties allow the wreath Door Saver™ to be fitted directly to attachment points at the back frame of your wreath. Your wreath is guaranteed to fit through any decorative wreath hanger with access slots designed within the wreath pad.

When you’d like to store your wreath pad, the Door Saver™ can be easily collapsed. You can even keep it attached to your wreath in storage.

Access Slots for Hanging

Works With Wreath Hangers

The Door Saver™ pad features 2 open slots to provide easy access for your wreath hanger to hook onto the wreath’s frame. Both slots are padded for additional protection.

Door Saver™ - Door Protecting Wreath Pad hanging on door

The Most Popular Wreath Sizes

For 24” Wreaths and 30” Wreaths

The 24” version fits most 24“ - 26” wreaths, while the 30” version fits most 30“ - 33” wreaths.

Door Saver Door Protector 24" size guide
Door Saver Door Protector 30" size guide

Product Specs

  • 24" Option Fitment:

    fits most 24 to 30 inch wreaths

    30" Option Fitment:

    fits most 24 to 30 inch wreaths

  • Product Measurements

    24" Option:
    17" O.D. x 10.5" I.D.

    30" Option:
    21.5" O.D. x 14.5" I.D.

  • Multi-Hook Slot

    Several slots for wreath hanger hooks to fit through the pad for ultimate utility.

  • Heavy-Duty

    Easy molded iron wire covered by decorative polyester cords

  • Padded to Protect

    Polyester coated foam with embroidered stitching.

  • Patent-Pending

    This product’s design or utility is currently patent-pending.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    All products are backed by a 1 year warranty

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