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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Put Ribbon on a Christmas Tree

Posted by Jared Hendricks on May 27, 2024

A Christmas tree made out of red Christmas ribbon | Christmas World


Learn how to decorate your Christmas tree with ribbon by following these steps: 

  • Choose Your Ribbon: Decide between wired and non-wired ribbon based on flexibility and ease of use. 
  • Calculate Ribbon Needed: Use about nine feet per tree foot. 
  • Loop Method: Create cascading loops for a flowing look. 
  • Wrap and Tuck Method: Wrap your tree in a spiral or zig-zag pattern. 
  • Final Touches: Fluff and adjust the ribbon, then add ornaments and a ribbon bow topper.

Are you ready to elevate your Christmas tree decorating game? Adding ribbon to your tree is a fantastic way to create a cohesive and polished look that will leave your guests in awe. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to put ribbon on a Christmas tree with ease and style. 

Ribbon is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your tree's overall appearance. Whether you prefer a classic and symmetrical look or a more whimsical design, ribbon can help you achieve the perfect look for your holiday decor.  

With just a few simple steps and some creativity, you can transform your Christmas tree into a dazzling display that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Read on to learn how to create a tree that will truly sparkle and shine this holiday season! 

Materials Needed to Add Ribbon to a Christmas Tree 

You don’t need many materials to successfully put ribbon on a Christmas tree. What you will need in abundance is patience! The more time you spend on measuring, cutting, and hanging your ribbon, the better the result will be! 

Here are the basic materials you will need to put ribbon on your Christmas tree: 

  • The ribbon of your choice 
  • Fabric scissors 
  • Floral wire or zip ties to secure the ribbon 
  • Wire cutters, if necessary  

Depending on your chosen design, you may choose to incorporate festive ribbon in various widths and colors. Consider investing in a ribbon storage box to keep your materials accessible and organized, especially if you reuse them from year to year. 

After gathering your materials, follow the steps below to achieve a neat and cohesive look.  

Choosing Your Ribbon  

When choosing your materials, you’ll need to decide between wired ribbon and non-wired ribbon.  

In essence, wired ribbon is flexible ribbon with thin, posable floral wire sewn into the seams. This is somewhat easier to shape and work with. Non-wired ribbon does not have wire pre-stitched into the seams. While you can achieve a softer, more natural draped look with non-wired ribbon, it does require a little more effort and patience.  

From there, consider color and width options based on your tree’s décor theme and size. A simple pattern or solid color can go a long way to adding an elegant pop of visual interest to your tree. We suggest choosing one main or primary color or pattern and one or more accent colors or patterns.  

How Much Ribbon Do I Need for My Christmas Tree? 

On average, you will need about nine feet of ribbon per foot of your tree. Thus, you’ll need approximately 54 feet (or 18 yards) of ribbon to cover the average 6-foot tree.  

That said, many variables affect the total amount you might need, including the width of the tree and how you choose to wrap it. Thus, we recommend buying more than you think you need.  

On average, we’ve used 6 rolls of ribbon in our primary design and about 4 in our accent design. You will need more for a larger or wider tree. If you save your receipts, you can always return any unused, unopened rolls.  

Method 1: Create Cascading Loops  

To achieve the popular cascading ribbon look on your Christmas tree, you’ll need to create loops. Starting with your primary design, use fabric scissors to cut your ribbon into approximately two-foot lengths. 

Once cut, the free end of the ribbon into the tree in the spot where you wish to start your ribbon cascade. We recommend starting at the top of the tree.  

If using wired ribbon, it may stay without other materials. If using non-wired ribbon, you may need to secure it with floral wire or a zip tie. Secure the other end of the ribbon using the same method.  

Secure the ribbon at an offset, or consider a diagonal loop for a candy-striped look.  

Method 2: Wrap Your Tree 

A spool of decorative Christmas ribbon on a green background

The “wrap and tuck” method is one of the easiest ways to use ribbon to decorate your Christmas tree.  

Start at the top of the tree, securing the end of the ribbon with wire or a zip tie, if necessary. From there, wrap the tree in a downward spiral pattern. You may also choose a zig-zag pattern for a more dynamic look.  

Tuck the ribbon into the branches as you go, securing it as necessary.  

Alternate between loose and tight loops to give your tree a less curated look. The whimsy is part of what makes decorating with ribbon such a popular choice. If you wrap the ribbon too tightly or in too uniform a manner, it eliminates some of the charm.  

After wrapping with your primary design, you can add your accent ribbon to fill in any gaps.  

Fluff, Adjust, and Decorate  

After attaching your ribbon using your chosen method, step back and take in your design as a whole. Gently fluff your ribbon to fill in any gaps and create a balanced appearance. 

Ornaments and lights often make gorgeous complements to Christmas trees decorated with ribbon. Consider traditional Christmas ball ornaments in complementary colors. Likewise, rustic ribbon décor looks great when accented with berries, branches, and other greenery.  

One of our favorite ways to top a ribbon-decorated Christmas tree is by using any remaining ribbon to create a large, coordinated bow. Choose your favorite ribbon-tying technique to create a stunning matching tree topper. Now, it will serve as the festive bow atop your stunning, fully-decked Christmas centerpiece!  

When you’re done, be sure to store your ribbon properly for next Christmas or your next festive project!
Jared Hendricks
Jared Hendricks


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