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How Many Ornaments for a 6 Foot Tree?: Christmas Tree Decor Guide

Posted by Jared Hendricks on February 15, 2024

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As the holidays approach, the enchanting tradition of decorating the Christmas tree brings joy and wonder to many families. At the heart of this festive ritual lies a question, however: "How many ornaments go on a 6 foot tree?" This seemingly simple query can stump even the most seasoned holiday decorators!   

Naturally, you might have questions if it's your first time dressing up a Christmas tree. Often, even veteran decorators may be looking to perfect their approach! Either way, understanding the right number of ornaments to bring your tree to life is essential. In this post, we look into the festive world of Christmas trees to demystify this question.   

We'll explore how many ornaments for a 6 ft tree and discuss the aesthetic balance of ornaments. Ultimately, we'll guide you through making your tree not just a decoration, but a centerpiece of holiday cheer.  

Grab your tinsel and lights, and let's embark on a journey to transform your 6-foot tree into a festive masterpiece! 

Determining the Right Number of Christmas Ornaments  

On average, you can fit between 50 and 100 Christmas Ornaments on a 6-foot-tall tree. Yes, this is a very large range! The reason there is no single, definitive answer is that not all ornaments or trees are the same size and shape. Below, we’ve included what factors affect how many ornaments you need for a 6-foot tree.  

Ornament Size and Shape 

Foremost, how many ornaments for a 6-foot tree will depend on which ornaments you choose. 

The average size of a round Christmas ornament is between 3 to 4 inches in diameter. For a 6-foot tree, the most common size is between 3.5 to 4 inches. If you use exclusively round ornaments in a single, standard size, you may be able to fit up to 100 on your tree!  

Now if you have a larger tree, you’ll typically decorate it with more 4 to 6-inch diameter ornaments, with a couple of 8 or 10-inch ornaments added for variation. 

Most decorators enjoy adding some variation to create visual interest. A broad selection of textures and materials can make a tree more interesting to look at. For example, many use a variety of small, medium, and large Christmas balls to fill in gaps around their tree.  

Consider using large, standard Christmas ornaments to form the base of your decor. You can add other ornaments between and around them.  

If you have mostly uniquely shaped ornaments, not all of them will nestle together that easily. Be aware that the more unique ornaments you incorporate, the fewer ornaments you will be able to fit overall. 

Ornament Spacing 

The number of ornaments you fit on your 6-foot tree is also an aesthetic choice. Both densely decorated and sparsely decorated Christmas trees have their benefits. Naturally, the more space you leave between individual ornaments, the fewer ornaments you will be able to fit.  

We suggest spacing your ornaments out evenly, regardless of which spacing interval you choose. That creates a balanced and cohesive look whether you include 50 ornaments, 100 ornaments, or somewhere in between!  

Deciding if you prefer a minimalist look or a maximalist look for your tree before you begin. A minimalist tree might include a small number of sparsely but thoughtfully placed ornaments. A maximalist tree might include multiple layers of densely-spaced ornaments. Some people even bundle ornaments together to include as many as possible!  

You may also want to leave room for another decorative element, such as lights, tinsel, or ribbon. If you plan to use a variety of materials to decorate your tree, you will need fewer ornaments overall.  

Size and Shape of Your Christmas Tree 

A row of three, hanging decorative Christmas ornaments with glitter detail

The beautiful thing about Christmas trees is that, even if you choose an artificial tree, no two are exactly the same! Two 6-foot-tall trees might look completely different. Consider factors such as density, number of branches, diameter, and number of nooks and crannies.  

Even natural-looking artificial Christmas trees tend to be somewhat easier to decorate. The branches tend to come at standard sizes and intervals. That makes it easy to create a balanced ornament design around the tree. You can plan to incorporate the same number of ornaments year after year.  

You can also let a professional determine how many Christmas ornaments for your 6 foot tree. If you get your artificial tree professionally decorated, you can even store your pre-decorated tree as-is. Just take it out of storage and you’re ready for another festive holiday season! 

In contrast, there is nothing standard about a live Christmas tree! The unique nature of stunning, organic trees means that it can be tricky to plan out a precise number of ornaments each year. We advise you to be flexible, as you may need more or fewer ornaments than you planned for. You might want to have an aesthetic in mind when you go to select your tree for the year. 

Christmas Ornament Storage 

Think of decorating your Christmas tree as a creative act rather than a chore. The right Christmas ornament storage solution can make it easy to make active, thoughtful choices while decorating.  

We love ornament storage boxes with removable, lightweight trays. Ornament trays are tools that eliminate the number of times you need to bend down to retrieve ornaments. When you can freely move about your tree in search of the perfect spot, decorating becomes a fun, active process. Plus, with separate, removable trays, the entire family can be involved in this treasured holiday tradition!  

Explore our ornament storage collection. We’re sure you’ll find a solution that will make it easy to decorate... matter how many Christmas ornaments you put on your 6-foot tree! 

Jared Hendricks
Jared Hendricks


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