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Topping it Right: How to Get the Tree Topper to Stay

Posted by Jared Hendricks on November 06, 2023

Topping it Right: How to Get the Tree Topper to Stay  | Christmas World

Ah, the joy of decorating the Christmas tree! Every ornament has a story, every light twinkles with festive delight, and then there's the crowning glory - the tree topper. For many, it's the cherished angel passed down through generations or the glittering star that ties the entire tree together.  

But for all its beauty and significance, there's a challenge that almost every Christmas enthusiast faces. How do you get the topper to stay put? We've all been there. The tree looks perfect, and as you step back to admire your handiwork, the topper takes a nosedive.  

What if we told you that this year could be different? That the age-old struggle of securing your tree topper might just become a thing of the past? Let's dive in and explore how we can ensure our tree toppers shine brightly and stay firmly in place. 

The Importance of the Perfect Tree Topper 

For so many families, the Christmas tree topper has special meaning. It's often the final step involved in decorating the tree.  

Typically, the youngest family member's job to place the topper in its elevated place of honor. So many people have precious memories of being held aloft to place a topper on the highest bough.  

Families pass these toppers down so that generations share the opportunity to top the tree. That's why so many toppers are heirlooms with unique significance.  

That's why keeping the tree topper from falling can be a loaded task. If your family topper broke, you'd find yourself scrambling to repair or replace it. In homes with children and pets, the fate of your tipping topper is even more precarious.  

We advise families to put a plan in place before you need one. Providing peace of mind and ensuring the security of your beautiful ornament, is at the heart of this great item.  

Common Issues with Tree Toppers 

To solve the case of the tipping topper, it can be helpful to understand why they fall down. We've explained a few of the most common causes of falling stars and angels below. 

Unstable Base 

Christmas trees are unique, one-of-a-kind organic organisms. Unless you use an artificial tree, it's difficult to predict the quirks of each one. Some offer a less stable base for your topper than others.  

You might need to compensate for an unstable tree base by affixing dowels. That solution is time-consuming, stressful, and detracts from the beauty of the tree. 

Weight and Balance 

Sometimes, artists create tree toppers with form over function in mind. As a result, some toppers look pretty but attach poorly. They may be top-heavy or unbalanced.  

You might find yourself jury-rigging complex solutions, such as using zip ties. Not only are these unsightly, but they take some of the magic out of trimming your tree.   

Improper Fitting 

Occasionally, your tree and your topper are simply incompatible. You can usually blame the above circumstances. No matter what you do, the topper tips, slides, and plummets towards the presents.  

Unfortunately, the most common solutions to these issues pose their own problems. You shouldn't have to rely on florist tape or wire to keep your angel from flying away.  

Often, no matter how hard you try, distributing the weight of your topper is a losing battle. Too much fuss can increase stress and the likelihood of injuries. Plus, they can negatively impact the overall look of your tree. 

Luckily, there is an easy, reliable solution that looks beautiful and ensures every topper sits straight. 

Introducing the Ultimate Solution: Christmas Tree Topper Holder 

Now that you know why toppers fall, how do you get the star to stay on the Christmas tree? A simpler solution than bringing your delicate topper along to the tree farm is this awesome product! We always advise families to try a universal tree topper holder; a flexible solution that works with all types of toppers. 

Our Christmas tree topper holder works with: 

  • Post toppers 
  • Spiral toppers 
  • Clamp toppers 
  • Cone toppers 
  • finial toppers 

Each topper holder comes with interchangeable parts for each topper above, which is what makes it a universal tool. The way it works by spirling around the tree trunk to secure your topper to the tree. This tree topper even holds the heaviest and most unwieldy toppers in place.  

Topper holders work on both live and artificial Christmas trees. The only requirement is that your tree has a trunk no larger than 1.25" in diameter. The patent-pending spiral design ensures your precious topper sits straight every time. You won't have to worry if the topper tends to fall, shift, tilt, or tumble, even during a busy Christmas morning!  

Plus, a topper holder is not a one-time solution. We construct each one with durable aluminum and plastic that ensures longevity and reliability year after year 

Let Our Christmas Tree Topper Holder Be the Star of Your Celebration 

Our Christmas Tree Topper Holder is the surest way to get your precious topper to stay. Definitely, a simple, versatile solution that will provide peace of mind all season long. Now, even the most fragile heirloom stars, angels, and finials will remain in place, even in homes with kids and pets. Your tree will be picture-perfect on Christmas morning and beyond when the topper remains straight and level.  

Are you ready to take the stress out of this beloved holiday tradition? Shop our bestselling Christmas tree topper stabilizer and top your tree once (and only once)! 

Jared Hendricks
Jared Hendricks


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