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Essential Tips on How to Store Christmas Ornaments

Posted by Jared Hendricks on July 10, 2024

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Proper storage of Christmas ornaments preserves their beauty and memories for years to come. Use the right containers, clean before storing, and organize effectively to ensure they remain in excellent condition. 

Main Points

  • Clean and inspect ornaments before storage. 
  • Sort ornaments by size, type, and fragility. 
  • Avoid cardboard boxes; use specialized storage containers. 
  • Specialized containers offer benefits like moisture resistance and built-in dividers. 
  • Organize with labels, inventories, and storage maps.

Christmas ornaments are more than just decorations. They are often meaningful keepsakes filled with memories and traditions.  

Each ornament tells a story and adds to the festive spirit of the season. Properly storing these cherished items is crucial to preserving their beauty. Thoughtful storage is the best way to ensure they remain a part of your holiday celebrations for years to come.  

What is the best way to store Christmas ornaments so you can maintain your cherished memories for years (or generations) to come?   

In this blog, we will explore essential tips on how to store Christmas ornaments. We’ll teach you how to keep them safe, organized, and ready to dazzle your tree each year. We'll cover everything from the best storage containers and materials to climate considerations and organizing strategies.   

Whether you're looking for the best way to pack ornaments or organizing your collection, we've got you covered. Read on to discover the best practices for storing and protecting your beloved Christmas ornaments.  

Preparing Ornaments for Storage 

Your ornaments are unlikely to carry visible dirt at the end of the Christmas season. Still, we always recommend washing them before storage. A quick cleaning ensures your ornaments are bright, shiny, and ready for next Christmas.  

Cleaning also allows you to carefully inspect each individual ornament for damage before you put them away. By completing repairs at the end of the season, your collection will be ready to go when December rolls around. 

According to Martha Stewart, you should aim to dust your ornaments before storing them. You may need to use a tiny tool, like a paintbrush or soft makeup brush, especially to clean delicate or heirloom ornaments.  

A compressed air tool can also be helpful during dusting. For glass ornaments, a dab of glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth does the trick. Quickly lint roll any fabric ornaments to remove debris.  

Keeping your favorite décor dust-free can help keep your family healthy during subsequent holiday seasons. Simultaneously, it helps many ornaments maintain their attractive luster for years to come. 

It is crucial to ensure that all ornaments are completely dry before you store them. Even a small amount of moisture can quickly turn into mold in storage.  

Pro Tip: Sort Your Clean Ornaments 

As you clean each ornament, take the time to sort them. We recommend sorting by size, type, and fragility level. Pre-sorting your collection will simplify the process of storing your ornaments. You’ll be able to quickly eyeball the perfect storage location for each type of ornament.  

Choosing the Right Storage Containers  

Resist the urge to reach for a cardboard box at the end of the holiday season. While accessible, they are not the best way to pack Christmas Ornaments. Here are a few reasons to avoid the boxes and invest in something more substantial.  

  • Cardboard Is Easily Damaged  

Cardboard is easily damaged by a number of environmental factors. Even in a dry, cool place, cardboard is biodegradable and will naturally break down over time. The flimsy material can be dented, crushed, or easily damaged under pressure. If your cardboard box gets crushed, your delicate ornaments will, too.  

  • Cardboard Gets Dusty 

Since cardboard boxes aren’t airtight, dust and debris can get inside. After all the time you spent cleaning, you don’t want to invite more mess! 

  • Cardboard Invites Pests 

The most common storage locations are also popular hangouts for pests like rodents and insects. Pests love nesting in and chewing through cardboard. The last thing you want is to open your box of ornaments to find a buzzing, squeaking surprise! 

Instead of a vulnerable cardboard box, we recommend investing in dedicated ornament storage containers.  

The Benefits of Specialized Ornament Storage 

A collection of jewel-toned Christmas balls in a segmented cardboard box

The key to storing Christmas ornaments safely and securely is choosing containers designed with keepsakes in mind. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing a storage solution created specifically for Christmas ornaments. 

Specialized Ornament Containers Are: 

  • Created with acid-free materials to prevent discoloration and fading. 
  • Made from sturdy, moisture-safe materials that are easy to wipe clean. 
  • Airtight and safe from dust and debris. 
  • Versatile enough to fit many types of ornaments snugly and securely. 
  • Built with dividers to keep ornaments from touching, preventing chipping, scratching, paint transfer, and more. 
  • Designed with features like removable trays to make the decorating process easier and more family-friendly. 
  • Created with extra storage pockets, carrying handles, and other features with Christmas decorating in mind. 

Dedicated ornament storage solutions are unquestionably the best way to pack Christmas ornaments. 

Organizing Christmas Ornaments  

Organizing your Christmas ornaments is one way to plan ahead for holiday success. When it’s time to put your ornaments away, consider doing the following: 

  • Label Your Boxes and Containers 

Many Christmas ornament storage containers include a waterproof window for a label. Decorating is much easier when you know what is inside each of your storage boxes. You’ll save time because you won’t have to open and inspect each one! Likewise, consider numbering each box—more on that below! 

  • Create an Ornament Inventory 

Using digital tools, it’s easy to create an ornament inventory. All you need is a simple table or spreadsheet. Include columns like box number, brief description, and storage location. 

  • Draw a Storage Map 

Create a map as a quick reference to help you locate every box and bag at Christmastime. Maps are especially helpful if you keep your decorations in a storage unit or shed. A quick sketch is all you need to orient yourself and save trips.   

Are you ready to experience the most seamless, organized holiday season yet? Be sure to check out our ornament storage collection to find the solutions you need to get started!

Jared Hendricks
Jared Hendricks


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