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How to Organize Christmas Decorations: A Step-by-Step Helpful Guide

Posted by Jared Hendricks on October 16, 2023

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The magic of the holiday season is often reflected in twinkling Christmas lights, meticulously hung wreaths, and treasured ornaments that tell tales of Christmases past. As heartwarming as decking the halls can be, there comes that inevitable time post-festivities when these delightful decorations must return to their resting places. But how do you ensure that each cherished piece, from the fragile heirloom ornament to the dazzling string lights, is stored safely and efficiently? 

If you've ever found yourself puzzling over how to store Christmas decorations without the risk of tangling, breaking, or misplacing, you're in the right place. This guide is brimming with expert advice and handy storage ideas to keep your holiday treasures in impeccable condition, ready to shine anew when the next holiday season rolls around. 

Let's embark on this post-holiday journey together, turning the task of packing away into an organized, stress-free affair.

Sorting and Categorizing Your Decorations

Differentiate Between Indoor and Outdoor Decorations:

When the holiday season ends, the first step in organizing holiday decorations is to differentiate between those designed for cozy interiors and those built to withstand the winter outdoors. Outdoor decorations, built to brave the elements, often require different storage conditions to ensure longevity. Keeping these sets apart will not only make setting up smoother next year but also help in maintaining the quality of each piece.

Grouping by Item Type:

Whether it's a twinkling star, a Christmas tree, or a festive wreath, categorizing your Christmas decorations by type can be a game-changer. Begin by setting aside all similar items. Ornaments, for example, should have their dedicated space, separate from string lights or other holiday décor. This not only streamlines the storing process but also makes the next decorating spree a breeze. 

Can you imagine how convenient it would be to find all your wreaths or all your ornaments in one spot? Just a small step that promises a hassle-free start to your next holiday season.

Special Care Items:

Among your trove of holiday decorations, there are likely those fragile ornaments that hold sentimental value or are just too delicate to be mixed in. These pieces, be they heirlooms or simply intricate, require extra attention. Identify and set them aside, ensuring they receive the special care they deserve during storage. This extra step ensures that your treasured pieces remain intact and ready to grace your home come next Christmas.

Properly Storing Ornaments and Delicate Items

Using Compartmentalized Storage Boxes:

One of the best ways to store Christmas ornaments, especially those of varying sizes and shapes, is to utilize compartmentalized storage boxes. These boxes, often designed with individual niches, ensure each ornament has its own snug spot, reducing the risk of them knocking into one another. Christmas World offers specialized ornament storage solutions that cater to ornaments' unique needs--from delicate ornaments to large garlands--making sure they remain untarnished and ready for their next display.

Wrapping Fragile Items:

While those specialized boxes are a boon, there may still be moments when additional protection is needed, particularly for extremely fragile ornaments. In such cases, consider wrapping each delicate piece in bubble wrap or acid-free tissue paper. Make sure that the wrapping material is moisture-free; damp materials, especially cardboard, can foster mold growth which can tarnish your precious pieces.

However, if you've opted for the ornament storage solutions from Christmas World, the need for wrapping could be eliminated altogether, giving you the peace of mind that each piece is securely protected.

Tips for Storing Oversized or Oddly Shaped Ornaments:

For those ornaments that defy the standard mold – be they oversized, elongated, or simply uniquely crafted – consider using larger storage bins with ample padding. The key is to ensure that they are nestled safely, without undue pressure on any part of the ornament. Lay them atop layers of tissue paper or bubble wrap, ensuring each piece is cocooned in protection, ready to dazzle once again when the next holiday season arrives.

Storing and Organizing Christmas Lights

Methods to Prevent Tangling:

Christmas lights, with their enthralling glow, can quickly become a tangled mess if not stored properly. To save yourself the headache of untangling next year, consider using light reels specifically designed for string lights. If those aren't on hand, an old-school trick is to carefully wrap the lights around a piece of something other than cardboard, ensuring each loop is snug but not too tight. (Again, cardboard could lead to mold.) By keeping them in a neat coil, you'll ensure they're ready to drape and decorate without any fuss when the festive season returns.

Checking and Replacing Damaged Bulbs Before Storage:

Before packing away your Christmas lights, take a few moments to inspect each strand. Check for any damaged or burnt-out bulbs and replace them. Not only does this prolong the life of your lights, but it also ensures safety. Storing faulty string lights can lead to bigger problems down the line, and a little proactive care can save both time and money in the long run.

Tips for Storing Outdoor Lights and Extension Cords:

Outdoor lights and extension cords have braved the elements – from rain to snow – and hence require a bit more care. Ensure they are completely dry before storing to prevent any moisture damage. Roll them up neatly, avoiding any kinks, and store them in a dedicated storage bin, clearly labeled. This way, they remain protected from any adverse conditions and are easy to locate, ensuring your outdoor spaces are as luminous as your indoor ones come next holiday season.

Storing Larger Decorations and Miscellaneous Items

Tips for Breaking Down Artificial Christmas Trees:

The beauty of an artificial tree is that it can be a part of your holiday celebrations year after year. To ensure it remains in prime condition, it's crucial to store it correctly. Begin by disassembling the tree section by section. Once broken down, gently fold the branches inwards to minimize space and protect the needles. 

Use a dedicated Christmas tree storage bag or a large storage bin to keep it safe from dust and moisture. Remember, while artificial trees are hardy, they still benefit from gentle handling and proper storage to maintain their lush appearance.

Storing Wreaths to Maintain Shape and Freshness:

Wreaths, with their circular elegance, can be a bit tricky to store. To ensure they retain their shape, it's advisable to hang them up in a cool, dry place. If hanging space is a constraint, lay them flat in storage boxes, ensuring they're not stacked too high, which might deform their shape. 

Use acid-free tissue paper between wreaths to prevent any color transfer or sticking. Specialized wreath storage containers are also available, offering an extra layer of protection.

Organizing and Storing Christmas Linens, Stockings, and Other Soft Items:

Christmas linens, stockings, and other fabric-based decorations--even your Elf on a Shelf--imbue our homes with warmth and festive spirit. When it's time to pack them away, ensure they're clean and completely dry. Fold them neatly and place them in a storage bin, preferably one with a seal to protect against moisture and pests. 

For items that are more delicate or have embellishments, wrap them in acid-free tissue paper before storing them. This ensures that come next Christmas, every item is fresh and ready to be a part of your festive celebrations once more.


Storing your beloved Christmas decorations with care ensures they remain as radiant and heartwarming as the memories they hold. As we wrap up our guide, it's worth noting that the right storage solutions can make all the difference in the world. Christmas World prides itself on offering premium solutions tailored for the festive season. Whether you're in need of a sturdy ornament storage box, comprehensive Christmas decoration storage solutions, or a protective cover for your cherished artificial tree, we've got you covered.

For those who have a plethora of wrapping paper rolls and gift wrap sheets, Christmas World offers efficient storage solutions to keep them crease-free and ready for the next gifting spree. Consider our innovative Christmas ornament storage solutions that eliminate the need for makeshift alternatives like egg cartons, ensuring your precious ornaments remain in mint condition.

In essence, the holidays may come and go, but with the right storage solutions, their spirit can be preserved in every ornament, wreath, and tree. So, as you pack away this year's festivities, consider elevating your storage game with Christmas World. After all, every cherished holiday item deserves a place of its own, waiting to be unwrapped and cherished all over again.

Check out our decor storage options today!

Jared Hendricks
Jared Hendricks


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