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Telescoping Adjustable Ornament Storage (120 Ornaments)


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  • A unique, patented design you won’t find anywhere else
  • Fits a variety of odd-shaped ornaments
  • Trays adjust into multiple configurations to reduce the need for forcing a good fit
  • Holds up to 120 ornaments safely and securely
  • 5 adjustable, removable (4" deep) trays for ease of decorating and transport
  • Plush, Acid-free fabric trays prevent discoloration and keep ornaments looking like new
  • Compacts and rolls into storage for your convenience
  • Cover made from durable, wipe-clean polyester
  • Fabric hangs from the adjustable divider rods providing a natural “Air Cushion” protection


Customer Service

Adjustable Telescoping Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Fit Even The Most Abnormally Shaped Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are often family heirlooms and collectibles that you’ve cherished for past holiday seasons. These ornaments shouldn’t be sandwiched between wadded newspapers or piled in plastic bins.

Newspaper and tissue paper are not a shatter-proof storage solution. Many papers, plastics, and fabrics contain acidic chemicals that can result in discoloration. This can result in irreversible damage to your seasonal ornaments and collectibles.

The Adjustable Telescoping Christmas Ornament Storage Box with dividers stores up to 120 various ornaments. This incredible storage box can accommodate ornaments up to 4 inches tall, and nearly any width or length. This is thanks to the adjustable dividers in each tray.

Each of the five trays is lined with acid-free velour fabric which hangs over the adjustable rods to form protective air cushions that prevent your ornaments from colliding.

You haven’t seen an ornament storage solution like this before. This is a patented TreeKeeper product that you won’t find anywhere else. Our team of innovators created this product with your needs in mind to make decorating and clean-up as stress-free as possible.

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    To Fit Odd-Shaped Ornaments

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    Removable Trays

TreeKeeper Bags Telescoping Adjustable Tray Ornament Storage Bag

Holds Up To 120 Oversized Christmas Ornaments

Adjusts To Fit Various Sizes of Christmas Ornaments

This is no ordinary ornament storage box! The five removable trays can house up to 120 Christmas ball ornaments. Ornaments can only measure 4-inches in height with the potential of up to 24 ornaments per tray.

Plus, our telescoping ornament storage box can store all of your peculiar and oddly shaped ornaments with ease. With the adjustable divider rods, you can arrange the 4” tall tray to carry wider or longer ornaments as well.

When you’re ready to decorate, use the telescoping feature to raise the ornament trays at a level that’s not strenuous for your back. This unique feature eliminates the need to bend over to reach your ornaments.

When the season is over and it’s time to store, the entire unit compacts down to take minimal storage space. It’s the most compact solution for storing your decor while you await the festive Christmas season!

Telescoping Adjustable Tray Ornament Storage Bag by TreeKeeper Bags
Telescoping Adjustable Tray Ornament Storage Bag by TreeKeeper Bags
Adjustable Trays from TreeKeeper Bags' Telescoping Adjustable Ornament Storage Bag

Adjustable Trays

Dividable Trays For Any Size of Assorted Ornaments

Each ornament can be organized in easily visible trays. Each tray can be stacked, removed, and reorganized to hold an assortment of varied Christmas ornament shapes and sizes. Whether it’s glass, plastic, or hand-made the ornament keeper will preserve and protect it in storage.

Acid Free Fabric-Lined Storage Boxes

Prevent Damage & Discoloration

Most fabrics and papers are manufactured using acidic chemicals that tarnish and discolor ornaments. The plush, velour fabric used in our adjustable ornament box dividers is acid-free. This guarantees that the color and finish of your ornament will be protected and preserved. Continue to keep your holiday ornaments looking as shiny and festive as the day you first displayed them on your Christmas tree.

Fabric in Adjustable Trays from TreeKeeper Bags' Telescoping Adjustable Ornament Storage Bag
TreeKeeper Bags Adjustable Tray Ornament Storage Bag

Freedom of Motion

Freely walk around the tree as you decorate

Thanks to the removable trays, you can carry each tray by your side while you walk around the Christmas tree. Never has it been easier to place the ornaments in just the right spot. Say goodbye to the hassle and back strain while bending over to grab each individual ornament.

Product Specs

  • 120 Christmas Tree Ornaments

    Holds up to 120 Ornaments, up to 4" tall

  • Adjustable Tray Dividers

    Fit all shapes and sizes of ornaments

  • Dimensions (L x W x H)

    25" × 20" × 26-46"

  • Telescoping Frame

    Raises up so you can access ornaments without bending

  • Acid-free Tray Lining

    Our ornament storage containers prevent discoloration

  • Wipe-Clean Fabric

    Tightly woven Polyester-Blend fabric to keep contents dry & dust-free

  • Patented

    Patent 10,322,737

    Patent 10,589,768

  • For Indoor Use

    Make your bags last for years - Only use indoors

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    All products are backed by a 1-year warranty