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Two Tray Ornament Bag


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SKU: SB-10188-RS

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  • Holds 48 (3 in.) Christmas tree ornaments
  • 2 removable trays with handles for easy access
  • Clear viewing window for easily seeing contents
  • Acid-free tray lining prevents ornament discoloration
  • Reinforced carrying handles


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The Ideal Christmas Ornament Storage Containers!

Store Your Christmas Ornaments Safely, Yet Easily Accessible

Keeping your glass ornaments squished between wads of newspaper can result in breakage or even discoloration from the acidic chemicals found in most paper materials. With proper ornament storage, you can guarantee that each ornament stays protected and pristine for years to come.

The Two Tray Christmas Ornament Storage Box provides a safe and organized way to store up to 48 (3”) ornaments, protecting even the most delicate of seasonal tree ornaments. In addition to their protective shatterproof design, the trays are lined with acid-free fabric to prevent damage and discoloration, ensuring that your favorite ornaments stay safe and sound all year ‘round.

Santa's Bags Two Tray Ornament Storage Bag
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Ultimate Protection

For Your Christmas Ornaments

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Removable Trays

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Durable Fabric

Polyester Blend

48 (3-Inch) Ornaments Storage Container

Storage for Your Most Precious Holiday Ornaments

Ornaments can represent years of memories from past holiday seasons. With so much sentiment placed on seasonal tree ornaments, you need an ornament storage bag that you can count on. Our ornament storage bag includes two removable trays that hold up to 48 Christmas ornament balls that measure 3-inches in diameter, with 24 ornaments per tray.

Each holiday season, you can easily view the storage bag’s contents through the clear plastic window on the top of the bag, so your organization system is made even simpler. Still itching for more ornament storage? Our ornament storage boxes and bags easily stack in storage, while continuing to protect each ornament from top to bottom.

Santa's Bags Two Tray Ornament Storage Bag
Santa's Bags Two Tray Ornament Storage Bag

Acid Free Tray Dividers

Preventing Damage & Discoloration of Your Ornaments

Avoid ornament tarnishing and discoloration with proper storage. The fabric used in the protective ornament box dividers are acid free, safeguarding the color and finish of each ornament. Your Christmas ornaments will continue to shine as bright as the first holiday they were displayed.

SSanta's Bags Two Tray Ornament Storage Bag acid free trays removed and sitting on a piano bench
Santa's Bags Two Tray Ornament Storage Bag removable tray near Christmas tree

Freely Walk Around Your Christmas Tree

Enjoy Freedom of Motion as you decorate

Not only do the ornament storage bag trays carefully cradle each ornament, but each tray is removable, making it easier to place ornaments as you walk around the tree. Leave the painstaking work of bending over to grab every single ornament in the past.

Product Specs

  • 48 Seasonal Tree Ornaments

    Holds up to 48 Ornaments, up to 3" each

  • Easily View Contents

    Clear window top lid allows easy viewing of contents

  • Acid-free Trays

    Our ornament storage containers prevent discoloration

  • 400D Poly-Blend Fabric

    Tightly woven fabric keeps your contents dry and away from dust

  • For Indoor Use

    Make your bags last for years - Only use indoors

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    All products are backed by a 1 year warranty