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Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage Bag


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SKU: SB-10130-RS

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  • Holds approximately 12, 40" wrapping paper rolls
  • Removable toolbox for storing ribbons, scissors, tape and other wrapping essentials
  • Hook to hang on the back of any door
  • Clear viewing window in each compartment to easily view contents
  • Reinforced carrying handle makes toting in and out of storage much easier
  • Versatile design allows bag to be hung over the door, or slid under the bed

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Inconspicuous Vertical Wrapping Paper Organizer

Tactfully hang your wrapping paper rolls to prevent paper damage

Organizing your birthday and holiday wrapping paper without disfiguring the delicate edges of the paper rolls is nearly impossible. The Hanging Vertical Wrapping Paper Storage Bag provides a discreet organizational triumph with room for twelve 40in wrapping rolls and a compartment for gift wrapping accessories. Ditch the damaged, wrinkled paper and use your favorite gift wrap for years to come.

The bag includes reinforced carrying handles, so it can be easily moved in and out of storage, and hung discreetly on the back of the door when finished wrapping.

What’s gift wrapping without ribbon and bows? The hanging storage bag includes a removable toolbox for tape, scissors, ribbons, bows, and more. Never again misplace your wrapping tape!

  • Garage Additional Storage Icon

    Storage Capacity

    Stores up to 12 (40") rolls

  • Doorway Icon

    Hangs Discreetly

    Hang on the back of any door

  • Gift Icon

    Removable Toolbox

    For your gift wrapping accessories

Santa's Bags Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage Bag with removable toolbox hanging on door
Santa's Bags Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage Bag with removable toolbox

Toolbox For Gift Wrapping Accessoiries

Room for all your Ribbon, Bows, Tap, and Scissors

Ever notice how your gift tags or tape are the first things that go missing when you want to start a gift-wrapping frenzy? Storing them close to the wrapping paper in a designated pouch will help you stay organized all year, and keep your ribbons, bows, tape, and scissors from “running off!”

Space-Efficient Versatility

Reconfigurable to fit your needs

If there’s insufficient space in your closet to fit the vertical wrapping paper hanging storage bag, you can unclip the gift wrapping accessories toolbox and reattach the bag directly underneath the wrapping paper container. This will create a slimmer profile, and enhance its space-saving capabilities.

Santa's Bags Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage Bag with removable toolbox being removed
Santa's Bags Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage Bag with removable toolbox being clipped back on

Product Specs

  • Holds 12 Rolls

    Holds up to 12 (40 inch) wrapping paper rolls

  • Dimensions (L x W x H)

    5" × 10" × 48"

  • Clear View Windows

    Easily see the bag's contents

  • Poly-Blend Fabric

    Tightly woven fabric keeps your contents dry and away from dust

  • For Indoor Use

    Make your bags last for years - Only use indoors

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    All products are backed by a 1 year warranty

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