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How to Hang Garland on a Wall for Enchanting Decor

Posted by Jared Hendricks on November 10, 2023

A fully decorated holiday mantel featuring a hefty Christmas garland and bokeh lights | Christmas World

The holiday season is a time of joy, reflection, and, of course, decorating! One of the quintessential elements that bring the Christmas spirit alive in our homes is the festive garland.  

Draped elegantly across walls, mantels, or doorways, garlands add a touch of magic and warmth to any space. However, hanging them securely and beautifully can be a bit of a challenge. That's especially true when dealing with heavy or lengthy strands.  

In this holiday guide, we'll be diving into the art of hanging garland on walls. Our goal is to help you create enchanting holiday decor. These tips and tricks will help ensure you hang your garland safely, securely, and in style. From lightweight, whimsical pieces to heavy, luxurious swags, we'll cover it all.  

Grab your decorating toolkit, and read on to transform your space into a winter wonderland! 

Hanging Garland: Essential Tools and Materials 

While there are many ways to hang garland on the wall, banisters, or mantels, not all of them are attractive. Many of the most popular methods involve unsightly mechanisms that look out of place. Even worse, many of those common hanging products damage your home. How can you hang garland on your walls without needing to repaint in the New Year? 

Even worse, those unattractive tools don't always work for long. The real Nightmare Before Christmas is hearing a hefty strand of garland come crashing to the ground in the middle of the night!  

The right materials will save you time, money, and stress.  

Tools You Need 

Instead of buying damaging, ineffective hanging tools, we advise investing in garland hangers. While this solution has a higher up-front price, they will save you money and aggravation over time. Namely, you won't find yourself fixing post-Christmas damage to your home.  

Garland hangers are sturdy and made of high-quality materials. As a result, they'll last you season after season. Many of them are adjustable, meaning you can bring them along if you move.  

Different locations in your home require a different garland hanger. What they all have in common is elegance and security.  

  • Decorative Double Door Garland Hanger: This tool is ideal for hanging heavy greenery over interior or exterior doorways. They include padded protection, preventing damage. The rust-resistant coating means it's perfect for outdoor use.  The door jambs that this fits between is 52 inches and 82 inches. 
  • Decorative Doorway Garland Hanger: This is a garland hanger compatible with single doors, also perfect for interior and exterior doorways. The pressure fit means you can hang the heaviest garland without nails. The door jamb that this is fits is between 35 inches and upwards of 52 inches.  
  • Garland Hooks: This adjustable mantel hanger is perfect for draping your fireplace in lush greenery! The dual hooks mean you can use the same hooks for stockings without sacrificing integrity. The elegant metal scrollwork adds to your decor rather than taking away.  
  • Banister Protecting Garland Ties: If you have a grand staircase with a railing, these garland ties are the solution. Simply wrap and tie your garland to the banister, and then tuck the ties away. The padded surface adds a pop of festive color while preventing damage. 

Likewise, you can purchase over-the-door wreath hangers. Depending on your goals, these can also be helpful for hanging garland on the wall.  

Tips for Choosing and Hanging Garland 

A young boy in a Santa hat walks down a staircase decorated with garland on Christmas morning

Unlike makeshift methods, garland hangers are much more resilient. Many of them can hold garlands weighing as heavy as twenty pounds! Still, we always advise paying attention to any weight limitations before selecting your tools and decor.  

Likewise, keep the following tips in mind when hanging heavy garland on the wall: 

  • If your garland has lights, be sure to choose a spot near an outlet and have an A/C adapter on hand or choose one of our battery operated garlands 
  • Pay attention to your garland length, as some strands are sized for doors, others for railings 
  • In some cases, you may be able to seamlessly connect strands of garland together with end-to-end plugs. This can add length and help maintain a cohesive look 
  • Choose garland with LEDs rather than incandescent bulbs to save energy without sacrificing that festive glow 
  • When choosing greenery, note that PE and PVC branches provide a more lifelike look than other materials  
  • While garland looks great over exterior doorways, always double-check that your garland is weatherproof or for outdoor use 

Deck the Halls and Start Enjoying Your Decor 

With the right tools, hanging garland on the wall, staircase, or mantel is an easy, efficient task. Still, the sooner you hang that gorgeous garland, the more time you can spend enjoying it! Choosing high-quality garlands and hanging tools means enjoying your festive, ornate holiday decor for many Christmases to come. You're one strand of garland away from creating a nostalgic, visually stunning tradition! 

Now you can gather all of the products and decor you need to make hanging your decorations a simple, joyful process. Start by browsing our selection of timeless, elegant Christmas garlands. Our sincerest pleasure is to help families around the world deck their halls without breaking a sweat!

Jared Hendricks
Jared Hendricks


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