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LED Christmas Mini Light Strand

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  • 50 LED bulbs
  • 25ft. length with 6" spacing
  • Uses 1/5 the energy of incandescent bulbs
  • Spotlight-tips: 10% brighter and create halo-effect on nearby surfaces
  • Full-Wave technology creates smoother, longer-lasting lighting
  • End-to-end plugs make decorating easier
  • Sealed sockets protect the connections in any weather

Customer Service

Nothing Brighter than a Super Mini LED Light

Illuminate Christmas With the Most Brilliant Bulbs

Create glistening garland and greenery on your front porch, or a gleaming Christmas tree display with our brightest bulbs. The Super Mini™ LED string lights will up your holiday lighting game with their unique design.

Their spotlight-tip emits a brilliant beam, creating a halo effect that allows your light to shine 10% brighter, and sparkle farther than most big bulbs.

Strand of mini LED string lights from Village Lighting
Ultra-Bright Lights Icon

Ultra-Bright Light

Vivid and Bright LED

Spotlight Icon

Sparkling Spotlight Tip

Highlights Your Home

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All Seasons

Perfect All Year-Round

Shine the Spotlight on Your Holiday Decor

Sparkle with a Spotlight-Tip Design

Our Super Mini™ LED bulbs feature a spotlight-tip design that illuminates with an ultra-bright beam, and packs more power than the average big bulb.

Use them indoors to light up your Christmas tree, garland, and greenery; or feature them in your outdoor holiday display on bushes, trees, and roofline. With sealed sockets, your connections are guaranteed protection in any weather conditions.

The 50 LED lights will highlight your holiday home decor with 5 mm bulbs that create perfect lighting for your most brilliant display to date.

All colors of super mini lights on trees, showing their spotlight tip effect on the snow
Green super mini lights on trees, showing their spotlight tip effect on the side of a house

Perfect for All Seasons

Illuminate Your Home All Year

Whether you celebrate Christmas with lighting that’s only on display for the season, or you’re a year-round lighting connoisseur, our Super Mini™ LED string lights are great to use all year. The LED bulbs are dimmable, so they can brightly beam or subtly shine during any season. Our lights also feature Full-Wave tech, which means your lights will last longer than your average Christmas lights while they maintain their vivid brightness for years of festive lighting.

The Super Mini™ LED Christmas bulbs are 5x more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, and shine with an ultra-brilliant light, igniting every surface with a halo effect. Available in ten colors and five festive and classic themes, your lighting display will be sure to illuminate your home for the holidays.

Colors, Styles, or Variety

Brilliantly vivd colors create awe inspiring scenes for all those who gaze upon them.


  • Winter White

    Winter White - 4300-4600k

    As white as it gets. Bring a chilly, wintery feel to your holiday.

  • Warm Clear

    Warm Clear - 3200-3500k

    Not as yellow as incandescent, but still warm and classic.

  • Champagne

    Champagne - 2000-2300k

    The closest shade to incandescent that we've ever seen.


  • Red


    Rich and vibrant, like that famous reindeer, what was his name again?

  • Amber


    Toasted orange color that is sure to make your neighbors jealous

  • Yellow


    Bright, pure and clean color just perfect for that special occasion.

  • Green


    Fresh cut grass and finely wrapped presents, this green looks great.

  • Blue


    Looking for something different? Our blue is spectacular to see in person.

  • Purple


    Most don't lean toward purple, but once you see it, it may just be your new favorite color.

  • Pink


    Support all things pretty in pink. Nobody can make you like pink like we can.


  • Multi

    Multi- RBYAG

    Why settle for just one color when you can have them all?

  • Candy Cane

    Candy Cane- RWC

    Memories of Christmas with alternating red and warm-clear colors.

  • Peppermint

    Peppermint- RWW

    Fresh, minty swirls of alternating red and winter-white.

  • Winter Frost

    Winter Frost- BW

    Vivid blue and winter-white for an amazing wintery scene.

  • Christmas

    Christmas- RGWC

    Scream Christmas this year with the brilliant red, green, and warm clear.

  • Poppy

    Poppy- AWCF

    Fall is better with warm and inviting colors like amber, warm-clear, and frost.

  • Twinkle

    Twinkle- WW

    Crisp winter-white with every 5th bulb twinkle to add that extra pop.

Product Specs

  • ≤ 40 Strands

    Connect up to 40 LED mini light strands together with one power source.

  • 50 Lights

    Each Super Mini™ strand has 50 super-bright spotlight tipped bulbs.

  • 5" Lead 5" Tail

    Perfectly balanced with a 5" lead and tail wire for true professionals.

  • 6" Spacing

    There is 6" of spacing between each light on the mini light strand.

  • 25 Feet

    Every Super Mini™ light strand is 25' in total length.

  • Dimmable

    Why yes, our Super Mini™ light strands can be dimmed.

  • 150% Energy Efficient

    Compared to incandescent. Based on .03A for LED and .17A for incandescent.

  • 120V | 22AWG | .03A | 5W

    Standard mini lights will require AC power input.

  • 5mm LED

    Our mini lights have a 5mm LED bulb that creates perfect lighting.

  • Plug fuse rated at 3A

    We don't overlook the small stuff. The best quality from bulb to plug.

  • UL Listed

    Quality is a top priority so all lights are UL Listed and approved.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    All products are backed by a 1 year warranty