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Smooth Twinkle LED Mini Lights

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  • 50 LED bulbs
  • Uses 1/5 the energy of incandescent bulbs
  • 25ft. length with 6" spacing
  • Smooth Twinkle™ on every bulb, slowly fades on and off for a calming twinkle effect.
  • Spotlight-tipped bulbs are 10% brighter and light nearby surfaces with halo effect
  • Full-Wave technology creates smoother, longer-lasting lighting
  • Sealed sockets protect the connections in any weather
  • End-to-end plugs make decorating easier
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

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The Super Mini™ LED mini lights are super bright and super vivid. Featuring a unique spotlight tip that gives a beautiful halo effect, these Smooth Twinkle™ lights slowly transition between on and off, randomly between different bulbs, for a soft and calming twinkle effect. Use as indoor LED Christmas tree lights, Christmas window lights or wind them up in your outdoor trees and bushes.

The LED Super Mini light is a perfect fit for your go-to Christmas home decor. The unique spotlight tip has an unforgettable spotlight effect on its surroundings. Plus our decorative lights feature Full-Wave tech, meaning your lights will last longer than the average xmas lights and maintaining its vivid brightness and beauty for seasons to come. We are the best place to buy Christmas lights because we have the best LED Christmas lights. Try them for your self and you won't disagree.

Warm Clear ( 3200 - 3500K ) - A snappy, bright light that's closer to an incandescent, but remains warm and traditional. Also known as clear or warm white LED Christmas lights.