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The nightmare before Krampusnacht - by R.elf stein

Posted by Parker Eakin on October 10, 2016

The nightmare before Krampusnacht - by R.elf stein | Christmas World

Every year the Christmas World elves Larry and Gary take a break from their typical toy building schedule to enjoy all the Halloween activities. Their favorite activities are the ones that are menacing to all the other elves.  Toilet papering elf homes, prank calling St. Nick, smashing jack-o-lanterns, and haunting the candy corn maze just to name a few. 

This year in particular, Larry and Gary were so mischievous, they received a special visit from uncle Krampus. For those who do not know, Krampus is St. Nicks misbehaved brother known for giving coal to misbehaved children on December 5th, also known as Krampusnacht (it’s a real thing, look it up). 

Krampus knew of Larry and Gary’s un-elfish behavior and went to Christmas World to teach them a lesson, but upon seeing how much fun they were having he decided to show them what mischief is all about. 

Krampus, Larry, and Gary found an open lot in a friendly neighborhood to build a haunted house, complete with yard stakes, spooky colored lighting, and freighting greenery (All of which were bought from at affordable prices). When the house was truly terrifying, and the elves were dressed in their costumes, they were ready to lure in innocent children for a treat they’d never forget BWAHAHAHA! 

The children came to the well lit porch with energy efficient LED lights. One-by-one they shouted Trick-or-Treat! The spooky door crept open slowly as a dark figure appeared in the doorway. Krampus grabbed the mysterious treats and put them in the kids bags. Just before the kids could see what treat they were given, Larry and Gary jumped out, one disguised as a goblin and the other a princess. Terrified, the kids ran away scared from the elves haunting BOO! #chillsdownmyspine

The children ran home, their hearts pounding from their horrific experience. Once calm, they dumped out their treat bags to see mounds of candy, and a peculiarly placed black present on top of each pile, the treat from Krampus. The kids opened the presents one-by-one. The first received a juicy nutritious red apple, “What Horror!” the kid shouted. The second wearily opened his gift to find a tooth brush and toothpaste, the boy said nothing as he fainted from sheer disbelief. Terrified, the third opened her gift to find a coupon to

Normally, the kids would be excited for the coupon, but to their dismay, the coupon was for 0% off! Luckily the little girl knew that the October sale discounts were automatically deducted and no coupon was needed, so she spent the rest of her night gorging and celebrating the true meaning of Halloween… candy.

So, as you enjoy your Halloween season, remember the lesson Larry, Gary, and Krampus taught that night from their well decorated, but still haunted, house: Christmas World wants whats best for you, whether thats a healthy snack, clean teeth, or incredible deals on holiday decor.



Parker Eakin
Parker Eakin


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