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Larry & Gary's Mixup

Posted by Parker Eakin on October 01, 2016

Larry & Gary's Mixup | Christmas World

You’ve heard the saying “The early bird gets the worm”. Here at Christmas World we have the saying, “The early elf gets the eggnog”. Our community of elves jumpstart each day with a revitalizing cup of nog from Nogbucks. Your favorite elves - Larry and Gary - are always the first in line to get their nog, thus giving them the energy to give great deals.

When Fall comes to town, Christmas World elves like Larry and Gary are especially busy not only drinking egg nog, but also giving the gift of the season to everyone who stops by. This Autumn, Larry and Gary had a little bit too much egg nog and went crazy giving away HUGE savings on greenery and lights. Talk about #ChristmasInSeptember!

Larry and Gary have been up doing deals for days, and their wives Sherri and Terri have had enough. They packed up their things and went home not knowing they left the deal machine running. Take advantage of Larry and Gary’s mistake before the egg nog crash wears off and turn off the deal machine. 

Enjoy up to 30% off the exclusive Fall collection of greenery and holiday lights. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your own cup of nog, or #PumpkinSpiceLatte from your lesser version of Nogbucks, as you browse our site. We’ll get your deals shipped to you faster than you can you can name the reindeer’s danish cousins.

We deliver gifts all over the world in one night, so you know we’re quick!


Parker Eakin
Parker Eakin


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