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Indoor Christmas Light Ideas for Stunning Décor

Posted by Jared Hendricks on May 15, 2024

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Transform your home into a dazzling winter wonderland with indoor Christmas lights. Classic white lights set the tone, while creative displays like illuminated centerpieces and curtain lights add magic. Thematic décor and accentuating specific spaces provide unique touches. Maintain and store lights properly for long-lasting warmth and festivity. 

Main Points

  • Classic white lights create a cozy ambiance reminiscent of candles. 
  • Place lights on mantels and shelves for an elegant display. 
  • Get creative with DIY centerpieces and hanging curtain lights. 
  • Use lighted garlands around doorways and windows for added elegance. 
  • Explore thematic décor options to give each room a unique theme. 
  • Accentuate specific spaces like staircases and dining areas with lights. 
  • Follow maintenance and storage tips for long-lasting enjoyment.

Not many decorations are more iconic than bright, twinkling Christmas lights, which illuminate cold, dark winter nights. While driving through the neighborhood and gazing at outdoor lights is a beloved pastime, you can bring the same spectacle indoors. With a few indoor Christmas light ideas, you can enjoy the festive flicker of Christmas lights in the warmth and comfort of your home!   

While decorating outside may be intuitive, hanging indoor Christmas lights requires a little more creativity and finesse. Whether you're seeking traditional elegance or contemporary flair, there's an abundance of inspiration to be found. In this blog, we’ll share our favorite ways to deck the halls with the gorgeous glow of Christmas lights.  

Continue reading to transform your home into a dazzling winter wonderland, one light at a time. 

Classic Twinkling Ambiance 

Did you know that festive holiday lights were originally designed to resemble and replace candles? Lights as décor has actually been around since before the widespread adoption of the lightbulb! The first fully lit Christmas tree appeared in the window of Thomas Edison’s workshop. That’s why our first set of Christmas light indoor decoration ideas revolve around classic white Christmas lights.  

Create the Right Ambiance: Warm vs Cool Light 

White light may seem basic, but it has the power to transform the mood and tone of your interior space. Some white light is warm (with more red undertones), while other white light is cool (with bluer undertones).  

Warm whites tend to create a cozier ambiance, reflecting the red from your other festive indoor décor. It’s like the flame of a candle or open fire.  

Cool whites, on the other hand, feel cleaner and brighter. They can be helpful if you struggle with darkness in the wintertime and want to keep things light and bright as the days grow shorter.  

Light Up Your Mantels and Shelves 

Why not place your classic white fairy lights in a classic location? Adding lights to your mantel, especially a decorated mantel, can help draw the eye to your stunning holiday display. If you don’t have a fireplace, the top of a shelf is an excellent alternative that can provide the same ambiance.  

Consider incorporating the following ideas: 

  • Wrapping mini fairy lights around your favorite garland  
  • Allowing white icicle lights to hang from the mantel’s ledge 
  • Set white fairy lights beneath fake cotton snow to light up a village scene  
  • Keep things spare and simple with white lights and minimal greenery 

When the sun goes down, your clean, white light will brighten the space. The smallest strand of lights can transform the mood and draw the eye toward your joyful interior décor.  

Creative Displays  

Potted plants, candles, and Christmas lights as part of indoor décor

Our next ideas for decorating indoors with Christmas lights incorporate light in unique ways and locations! Add some unexpected glow with the creative display ideas below.  

DIY Illuminated Centerpieces  

While your Christmas tree is likely your holiday centerpiece, your table deserves some attention, too! The Pioneer Woman suggests incorporating Christmas lights into your festive centerpiece to draw the eye.  

We suggest choosing mini-LEDs with a small battery pack. Battery operated lights allow you to light up your holiday table without dealing with additional cords.  

We love the idea of lining up a row of your favorite bottle brush or ceramic Christmas trees down the center of the table. Guests will gasp when you switch on the tiny lights and the scene begins to glow!  

A simpler alternative is a mason jar greenery centerpiece with lights inside. Easy, DIY centerpieces can add a soft glow and sense of magic to your holiday table.  

Hanging Curtain Lights for a Magical Effect  

Transform your interior space into a winter wonderland by hanging eye-catching vertical curtain lights. Curtain light decor is one of our favorite indoor Christmas light ideas.  

Curtain lights hang ceiling to floor, essentially creating a wall of light. If you hang them from a doorway, you can visually separate spaces. Plus, for those with large indoor windows, nothing looks more magical than hanging strands of light. You’ll brighten up those cold winter nights—inside and out!  

Lighted Garlands Around Doorways and Windows 

We also love decorating doorways and windows with lighted garlands. Many Christmas garlands come pre-lit, easily brightening up a room.  

A full, lush doorway garland adds effortless elegance to your indoor spaces. Matching window garlands project a sense of luxury. The lights add a touch more decadence to an already stunning, classic decorative choice.  

Thematic Décor  

Decorating indoors with Christmas lights doesn’t have to be classic! You can use lights to create a unique holiday theme. To approach your holiday décor with a sense of imagination and play, consider the many other products out there.  

Our favorite thematic decoration ideas include: 

  • Choose colored Christmas lights to give each room a theme 
  • Use icicle lights indoors to create a winter wonderland 
  • Hang shaped lights in indoor spaces for a personalized touch 

Accentuating Specific Spaces 

Christmas lights are also an excellent tool for accentuating spaces within your home. Not only do they look stunning, but they can also provide additional safety by casting light in darker spaces. For example, consider illuminating staircases and banisters with indoor lights. Pre-lit garlands look stunning flanking stairways. 

You might also consider highlighting your indoor plants with mini-LEDs or enhancing dining areas with candlelight LED bulbs.  

Maintenance and Storage  

Finally, here are our tips for storing and maintaining your indoor Christmas lights so you can enjoy their warmth for seasons to come. 

  • Cleaning your lights periodically keeps them bright and ensures longevity 
  • Always heed safety instructions during both the installation and removal process 
  • Store your lights properly to prevent damage and tangling 

Also, resist wrapping lightbulbs in newspaper or cardboard boxes. Paper has a high water content, which can lead to mold. Instead, choose a moisture-free storage solution. The right solution will keep your lights and garlands looking their best for years.  

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Jared Hendricks
Jared Hendricks


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