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Door Saver™ - [Wreath Pad]

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  • Prevent your door from damage and scratches
  • 24-Inch Size: Fits most 24" - 26" wreaths
  • 30-Inch Size: Fits most 30" - 33" wreaths
  • Twist-ties attach to the wreath's frame
  • Padded for extra protection
  • Two access slots to hang on wreath hanger
  • Festive green fabric


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Hanging a wreath on your front door is a great way to give your home a warm and welcoming entrance. However, after some time of the wreath rubbing against the door, your door will start to be damaged with scuffs and scratches. The Door Saver is designed to protect your door from the dings, dents, and scratches that are caused by wreaths. The protective pad easily secures to the wreath's frame using built-in twist ties. Padded for extra protection, the pad has two slots to allow for your wreath hanger to hook onto the wreath's frame. The fabric is embossed with a decorative snowflake pattern to complement the beauty of your wreath while the festive green color keeps it discreet.