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The Adventures of Larry and Gary

The Ancient tradition of Gobblepalooza.

Thanksgiving - A time for being grateful, a time for eating turkey, and a time to reflect on the very first Thanksgiving. This Year during the elves annual gathering, Larry the elf sat down with his children Jerry, Merri, and Perry, (which by the way are creepy small compared to the average sized child. Like, Quarter machine toy sized.) to tell them the story of how the elves invented thanksgiving.

Santa knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, and he knows when you move from England to a new settlement. Back in 1621, Santa told the elves about new settlers who had moved from another land. With all the new addresses, this would throw off their schedule for Christmas eve delivery, so the elves had to go down and re-map the town of Plymouth. While in town, one of the elves saw a flyer for a very controversial Native American event...

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