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Smooth Twinkle LED Mini Lights

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  • 50 LED bulbs
  • 25ft. length with 6" spacing
  • Smooth Twinkle™ on every bulb, slowly fades on and off for a calming twinkle effect.
  • Uses 1/5 the energy of incandescent bulbs
  • Spotlight-tips: 10% brighter and create halo-effect on nearby surfaces
  • Full-Wave technology creates smoother, longer-lasting lighting
  • End-to-end plugs make decorating easier
  • Sealed sockets protect the connections in any weather

Customer Service

Shine Bright with The Best Mini Light

Sparkles Brighter than Most Big Bulbs

Illuminate your home this Christmas, or all year round with a display of the most brilliant bulbs. Our Super Mini™ Smooth Twinkle string lights will highlight your entryway, roofline, foliage, Christmas tree, or indoor holiday decor.

Our spotlight-tip design emits a brilliant beam and creates a halo effect that illuminates brighter, and farther than most large bulb lights.

Strand of mini LED string lights from Village Lighting
Ultra-Bright Lights Icon

Ultra-Bright Light

Vivid and Bright LED

Spotlight Icon

Sparkling Spotlight Tip

Highlights Your Home

Thermometer Icon

All Seasons

Perfect All Year-Round

Spotlight Your Home This Season

Spotlight-Tip Design Emits Brilliant Light

The spotlight-tip allows these mini bulbs to pack more power than the average big bulb, with each of the 50 bulbs radiating an ultra-bright beam of light. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the Smooth Twinkle lights will create glowing garlands and greenery on your mantle or front porch.

The LED bulbs illuminate your home for the holidays with 5 mm bulbs that create perfect lighting. The spotlight halos emit an ultra-bright beam of light, producing a twinkle effect that would make even Rudolph jealous.

All colors of super mini lights on trees, showing their spotlight tip effect on the snow
Green super mini lights on trees, showing their spotlight tip effect on the side of a house

Perfect for All Seasons

Light Your Home All Year

Why stop the fun in January? If you like to leave your lights up all year and avoid the hassle of setup and takedown, our Super Mini™ Smooth Twinkle lights are perfect for year-round use. The bulbs are dimmable, so they can brightly beam or subtly shine during any season. Our bulbs feature Full-Wave tech, so they outlast and outshine your average holiday lights.

Our LED bulbs emit the brightest light while being incredibly energy efficient, so you can continue to dazzle your neighborhood with the most brilliant holiday lighting display on the block this Christmas, or for the rest of the year!

Product Specs

  • ≤ 40 Strands

    Connect up to 40 LED mini light strands together with one power source.

  • 50 Lights

    Each Super Mini™ strand has 50 super-bright spotlight tipped bulbs.

  • 5" Lead 5" Tail

    Perfectly balanced with a 5" lead and tail wire for true professionals.

  • 6" Spacing

    There is 6" of spacing between each light on the mini light strand.

  • 25 Feet

    Every Super Mini™ light strand is 25' in total length.

  • Dimmable

    Why yes, our Super Mini™ light strands can be dimmed.

  • 150% Energy Efficient

    Compared to incandescent. Based on .03A for LED and .17A for incandescent.

  • 120V | 22AWG | .03A | 5W

    Standard mini lights will require AC power input.

  • 5mm LED

    Our mini lights have a 5mm LED bulb that creates perfect lighting.

  • Plug fuse rated at 3A

    We don't overlook the small stuff. The best quality from bulb to plug.

  • UL Listed

    Quality is a top priority so all lights are UL Listed and approved.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    All products are backed by a 1 year warranty