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EZ Roller Tree Storage Bag


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SKU: SB-10237-RS

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  • Fits most artificial trees up to 9 feet tall
  • Oversized wheels elevate the bag for easy rolling
  • Angled edge behind wheels to prevent dragging
  • Inner compression straps
  • Reinforced handles
  • Large U-shaped zipper opening
  • Durable wipe-clean polyester
  • Dimensions: 56" L × 28" W × 25.5" H


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Reusing the cardboard box that your artificial tree came in never works after the tree has been fluffed. You probably tried this only to realize that no amount of tape can hold the box together, and the damage done to your tree by trying to cram the tree into the miniature box has left a trail of artificial pine needles leading to the basement. The EZ Roller Tree Storage Bag makes storing your Christmas tree a clean and simple process.

This bag fits most trees up to 9 ft. tall and ensures the tree is protected from season to season. Built-in compression straps tighten around the tree making it a better fit and stay secure while moving the bag around. Fitting the tree into the bag is made even easier with the large U-shaped zipper opening. Thanks to the oversized wheels that keep the bag elevated, you’ll easily be able to move the bag into storage by yourself. The angle on the bag behind the wheels prevents the bag from dragging along the floor while the bag is tilted up for rolling. Save your tape and forget saving the flimsy cardboard box this year for your tree.

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