2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

12 Jaw-Drop-Worthy Mother’s Day Presents to Wow Every Kind of Mama

Come springtime, holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter take top priority for the gift-giving and basket-filling pomp and circumstance.

That second Sunday in May always creeps up a little too quickly, and almost everyone finds themselves scrambling for a present for the mother in their lives.

No matter how simple a task it seems to shop for your own mother, grandmother, wife, or friend for Mother’s Day, the closer the day to celebrate them gets, the more the perfect gift ideas seem not-so-perfect.

That screenshot of a watch she mentioned months ago seems to have disappeared, the deadline to submit photos for that customized calendar has long-since passed, and anything you shop for seems inadequate for the woman who gave you everything.

Don’t let mother’s day slip away from you this May 10th, and finally find the mama in your life a gift she’ll cherish for many May’s and Mother’s Days to come.

From cost-friendly DIY gifts to splurge-worthy presents, our 2020 Mother’s Day gift guide has got you covered.

One-Stop-Shop Craft Station

TreeKeeper Deluxe Gift Wrap and Craft Station for Wrapping Paper and Accessories

Image courtesy of christmasworld.com

TreeKeeper Deluxe Gift Wrap & Craft Storage Bag


Surprise your mom with the gift she doesn’t even know she needs - those can be the best kind of gifts! If you’ve got a crafty mama, she’ll be drooling over the multiple pockets and places to store tape, tissue, and bow ties. Help her get her life a little more organized and you might just earn your spot at the top of the favorite child list 😉

Wrapping Paper Storage Bag

Santa's Bags Wrapping Paper Storage Tube

Image courtesy of christmasworld.com

Santa's Bags Wrapping Paper Storage Tube


A more cost-friendly option on Christmas World’s site is the Wrapping Paper Storage Bag, where there’s room for several rolls of wrapping paper, and space for scissors, tape and ribbon as well.

Customizable “Mama” Jewelry

gold customized necklace

Image courtesy of madebymary.com

Mama Bird & Co Necklace


Gold and rose-gold jewelry is undeniably “in”, as brands like Made By Mary and Mejuri have changed the gold game, making 24 karat gold and gold vermeil more affordable as well as trendy to boot. Whether you’re gifting a new mama her first piece of customized jewelry, or sending a necklace back home to your empty-nesting mama, new and seasoned mothers alike are bound to love a piece of jewelry that sets them apart.

Custom Phone Case

phone case with custom image printed onto it

Image courtesy of caseapp.com

Custom Case


We’ve all probably given custom calendars and mugs a try for Mother’s Day at some point or another, but why not help your mom update her tech with a custom phone or computer case? There are plenty of sites where you can upload and paste a photo of your favorite mommy moments onto a variety of technology.

DIY “Love Note Jar”

Note pad Booklet with a pencil and decorative flowers around it.

Image courtesy of Monfocus from pixabay.com

We all need a little pick-me-up every now and then, and if your mom’s love language is words of affirmation, then say no more. Actually, you have a lot more to say because this present is simply a jar filled with strips of paper signed with hand-written reasons why you love your mom, what makes her the best mom, or even your favorite memories with her. Get your siblings and her friends in on it too to make it extra meaningful. Your mother is guaranteed to appreciate the thought put into her present, and may even be brought to tears by this ultra-personal gift - you might want to wrap a pack of tissues along with the jar!

New Bakeware

white ceramic bakeware

Image courtesy of nordstrom.com

Gertrude Large Oval Baking Dish


It has probably been a hot minute since most moms have registered for new bakeware from somewhere special. So maybe several pieces of high-quality bakeware to whip up some bread, biscuits, or bundt cake in is the perfect gift for her!

Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone Ring Jewelry

Image courtesy of lisaleonard.com

Always Together Birthstone Ring in Sterling Silver


Stack yours and your siblings’ birthstones all in one pretty package with a birthstone ring for your mom to wear year-round. Mothers have been wearing birthstone jewelry for decades, and it’s a style that only gets trendier with time.

Patio Upgrade

G20 bulbs - Event and patio lights

Image courtesy of christmasworld.com

Ceramic Patio Lights

$0.49 per bulb

If asked, plenty of mothers say, “I just want a clean house for Mother’s Day”, or “I don’t need anything, just help me fix this {insert miscellaneous task here} I’ve been meaning to get to…”. Needless to say, mothers everywhere truly appreciate acts of service on Mother’s Day. Gift your mom the surprise of her year- an upgraded patio setup with newly installed ambient patio lighting for the backyard. Brownie points if you install the lights for her yourself!

Take it a step beyond, and allow her to remote-control her lighting’s schedule, colors, and brightness from her phone with Light Stream Remote LED Lights.

“DIY” Spa-Day Starter Pack

bath bomb ball next to tub

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

All moms really want is some time to themselves. They do work twenty-four-seven-hour jobs after all!! Put together the perfect starter pack for your mom’s next stay-at-home spa day and include bath bombs, a sheet mask, an aromatherapy candle, and maybe even a nice robe!

A Custom Watercolor Family Portrait

family portrait water color painting

Image courtesy of Hannah and Honey Watercolors

Custom Watercolor Family Portrait

Starting at $35

These beautiful hand-painted watercolors based off of family photos are becoming more and more popular as hundreds of artists share their talent and business on social media. Most artists, like Hannah from Hannah and Honey, just request that you send them the photo you’d like the painting to be based off of, and voila! Throw in a frame, and it’s a perfect gift for mom that is every bit as personal as it is a lovely piece of new decor.

A House Plant

House Plant

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

Whether real or faux, houseplants are in, your mom is sure to appreciate a leafy green addition to her home decor. Some of the most trendy house plants are succulents, snake plants, fiddle leaf fig trees, birds of paradise plants, and monstera plants! Throw it in a cute planter and top it with a bow, and you’re good to go!

A Gift Card for a Massage or Pedicure

Hand Massage

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Running out of time to plan the perfect present? Gift cards are always here to save the day. Yet, looking for the right gift card can still be somewhat daunting. Try calling or paying a visit to your mother’s favorite local nail salon, or the most highly-rated massage parlor in her area and pick up a gift card that she can use at a later time.

Whether your gift is homemade, shiny, green, or wrapped in a bow, it’s sure to make your mother’s day, this Mother’s Day.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you’re planning to give your mom this year!

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